PETITE2QUEEN.COM Launches “Virtual Mentor” For Today’s Woman

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“There exists an information void in life skills and business insights not addressed by traditional institutions in the mainstream. PETITE2QUEEN is a unique resource that covers life skills, career knowledge, and professional sales growth.”


PETITE2QUEEN, a membership-based online community for women, has officially launched at The “virtual mentoring” website and its member benefits includes a corresponding book titled Practical Wisdoms @ Work, offering personal and career wisdom. The announcement was made by co-founders Kristina M. Olson and Lynn M. Whitbeck. The launch includes a 14-day free trial offer for all new members.

Affordable “Virtual Mentor”
Olson and Whitbeck formed PETITE2QUEEN based upon what both saw as a void in today’s media-centric society. “There exists an information void in life skills and business insights not addressed by traditional institutions in the mainstream,” says Whitbeck. “So we decided to create affordable, online “virtual mentoring” programs for women, a unique resource that covers life skills, career knowledge, and professional sales growth.”

Adds Olson, “The objective of PETITE2QUEEN is to create a community for women to lead richer, fuller lives. With PETITE2QUEEN, you don’t have to go it alone. PETITE2QUEEN is about providing a source of insight for all women.”

Online Membership
PETITE2QUEEN has three membership products available, via online subscription. The first encompasses Practical Wisdoms for Life starting at $9.95 per month. Two other subscriptions, Practical Wisdoms @ Work and Practical Wisdoms in Sales, focus on professional growth, starting at $19.95 and $29.95 per month, respectively. Discounts are given for 6- and 12-month subscription periods. All memberships include access to exclusive podcast and virtual mentoring libraries, online community forums, private Facebook Group, 10 percent boutique discount, and weekly thought leadership and inspirational blogs. The latter two memberships include the eBook, Practical Wisdoms @ Work, as well as interactive sessions, access to proprietary materials, and specialized mentoring sessions.

Career-Centric Companion Book
The companion book available to members is titled Practical Wisdoms @ Work. The book lays the path to success in business for women. Chapters include believing in yourself, embracing success, work-life balance, setting boundaries for corporate life, time management, stress management, networking, friends vs. business relationships, dealing with difficult people, bullying and harassment, mentors and support, and breaking down double standards. Practical Wisdoms @ Work concludes with how to be a leader and different leadership styles, and finding fulfillment at work. According to Whitbeck, a second book is already in the works for a Fall 2018 release.

A Team Of Women
PETITE2QUEEN is guided by a team with an enviable track record of both real world success and academic excellence. Cofounder and Co-CEO Lynn Whitbeck has substantial corporate experience in addition to running her own executive consulting company. Whitbeck has provided expertise in the development and management of client programs for many companies. Now Co-CEO of PETITE2QUEEN, Whitbeck is focused on identifying opportunities for women in the workplace, while helping them to define their own personal roadmap. “PETITE2QUEEN is about delivering tangible and sustainable tool and insights to women,” she says. Co-founder/Co-CEO Kristina Olson shares three decades of business development as well as strong client and networking prowess from her numerous Board positions. “Tina” is considered a “super connector” in the business world, able to help foster strategic alliances for the benefit of all.

Rounding out the PETITE2QUEEN team is Director of Content & Operations is Rachel Whitbeck, who earned her Masters degrees in Race, Ethnicity and Conflict this year from Trinity College in Dublin. Rachel will oversee operations, content for the series of “wisdom” books, as well as producing relevant subject matter for PETITE2QUEEN. Another member of the diverse team is Alison Rollins. PETITE2QUEEN’s new Director of Social, Audio, & Visual is an experienced marketer and adept with social and digital media, including videography. Amanda Whitbeck, Director of Music & Web, will be utilizing her Masters in Global Entertainment and Music Business for the company’s website, music, and e-commerce needs. All team members are tasked with meeting the diverse needs of women at all stages of their lives.

PETITE2QUEEN is a membership-based online resource founded by women, for women. Currently, there exists an information void in life skills and business/career insights not addressed by traditional educators or mainstream media. Enter PETITE2QUEEN, a “virtual mentor,” online resource, and published book of wisdoms that can be accessed worldwide.

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