PanLbilt Global Creates Green Technology Raised Bungalow with Safe Room Permanent Houses in the Aftermath of Hurricanes

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Rapid Assembly Building Kits Accelerate rebuilding efforts and occupancy after natural disasters.

Mundelein, IL, November 09, 2017 — Residents displaced in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, US and British Virgin Islands and previously by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Sandy on the East Coast face a massive cleanup process and elongated building recovery to enable return to the serenity of the lives prior to the recent destructive Hurricanes.

PanLbilt’s engineering team undertook a study to determine the feasibility of providing a new design constructed with their Patented 21st Century Steel and Foam Cement Panel Kits. This also presented an opportunity to embed Off-Grid technology within the footprint of the structure to accommodate a Water from Air AWG unit that is plug compatible and generator in the event of loss of electrical power.

The result of this research is the successful fabrication of a factory manufactured 1,469 SF Raised Bungalow with Safe Room (copyright 2017) and wrap around Steel deck supported by steel stilts. The open ground floor can accommodate steel water reservoir tanks and storage.

The 2nd floor includes a Living Room, Kitchen area, Safe Room, 1 Bedroom and 1 Bath. The wrap around deck provides adequate space for PanLbilt’s 100 Liter/26.41 Gallon per day Water from Air Unit that provides fresh drinking water that meets or exceeds World Health Organization Standards without impact on the environment or natural water sources. This eliminates plastic water bottles that need to be transported and are damaging to the environment.

The 3rd floor comprises a Master Bedroom with walk-in closet and bath, Laundry Room, 2 additional bedrooms and 1 shared bath.

PanLbilt’s building kit comprises Exterior/Interior Walls, Windows, Doors and Roof. The pipes for high and low voltage and water are embedded in the walls. Assembly of a 2 or 3 story customized residence takes less than 5 days when placed upon a cement pad with available utility and sanitary hookups.

The patented interlocking design provides less than 2mm separation between panels. All panels can be painted to provide a finished look or can be decorated on the exterior with siding or face brick.

Internal fit and finish can be provided by local contractors certified by PanLbilt and provisioning local products including fixtures, appliances, plumbing, cabinets, flooring, lighting and electrical, smart building systems, fire suppression, smoke alarms, etc. to enable job creation and local economic recovery.

Competitive Advantages of PanLbilt building materials include:

· Rapid Assembly and move in occupancy by residents
· Waterproof panels – Withstands heavy rain
· Resistant to mold and mildew
· Life Spain: 50-70 years
· Fire Proof: A1 Level
· Thermal Conductivity: 0.1035 W/m.K
· (94mm thick wall has the same thermal conductivity as 350mm brick wall)
· Thermal Resistance: 0.869 m2·K/W
· Snow Resistance: Snow pressure 8.219 KN/m2
· Earthquake Resistance: Up to Richter 9
· Sound Insulation: 40 dB
· Wind Load: Wind speed up to 140 MPH
· Wall Shock Resistance: 500 KG concentrated force
*Built-in electrical Wire and Water Conduits

Contact [email protected] for technical and pricing information.

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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett

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