Owens Pharmacy Installs MedSafe Medication Disposal Kiosks Provided by NoRxAbuse in 5 of Its Locations

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Owens Pharmacy Installs MedSafe medication disposal kiosks provided by NoRxAbuse in 5 of its locations, bringing additional convenient and safe medication disposal options to Redding, Anderson, and Weaverville.

Redding, CA, November 17, 2017 — Owens pharmacy has joined the fight to prevent opiate abuse in the communities it serves. We are proud to announce we have partnered with NoRxAbuse, a local non-profit public benefit organization whose mission is to improve patient safety and to prevent prescription drug abuse by providing tools to healthcare professionals, by increasing public awareness, and by developing viable solutions for local communities. NoRxAbuse, in cooperation with California Healthcare Foundation, donated 5 MedSafe drug disposal kiosks to encourage patients to safely dispose of unused drugs.

Andrew Deckert, MD, Health Officer, says “Shasta HHSA—Public Health lauds the efforts of Owens Healthcare and NoRxAbuse to provide drop-boxes because most people who report abuse of prescription medicine are getting it from friends, family and acquaintances, which makes proper disposal of unused medications a crucial part of preventing accidental or intentional misuse.” MedSafe disposal kiosks provide a convenient and safe way to dispose of expired or unused medications.

The MedSafe disposal kiosks provided by NoRxAbuse are located in Redding at:

Owens Pharmacy #1
2025 Court Street, Suite A – open M-F 9am-6pm and on Saturday 9am-1pm
Owens Pharmacy #2
2880 Churn Creek Rd. Suite A- Open M-F 9am-6PM
Owens Pharmacy #17
317 Lake Blvd, Suite B Open M-F 9AM-6pm
In Anderson at:
Owens Pharmacy #3
2975 East St.
And in Weaverville at:
Owens Pharmacy #18
50 Nugget Lane

For more information about NoRxAbuse please visit www.norxabuse.org

For more information about MedSafe disposal kiosks please visit www.sharpsinc.com/medsafe/

About Owens Healthcare
Owens Healthcare is a pharmacist owned healthcare company specializing in the areas of Retail Pharmacy, Compounding Pharmacy, Long Term Care Pharmacy, Infusion Services, Medical Equipment, and Respiratory Services. Our employees share a common goal to provide quality healthcare solutions. Our vision is to provide quality, integrity and service in every aspect of our company. Partnership with NoRxAbuse, Shasta HHSA, and other key stakeholders will further our goal to continuously improve patient safety. For more information please visit www.myowens.com or contact Shannon Kennedy at [email protected]

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