On the Go Packaging Market – Forecast on Market Dynamics, Emerging Trends, Growth Factors

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Valley Cottage, NY — 12/19/2017 — Convenience features such as portability, re-usability, and easy handling drives the product packaging trends in industries including food and beverage, healthcare and personal hygiene, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer goods. Swift changes in consumer lifestyles, and busy daily routines have resulted in an increase in demand for on the go packaging solution. The food and beverage industry have gained a lot of advantage with the growing application of on the go packaging. Owing to consumers' preference for easy and quick consumption of food while they are on the move, the packaging industry is focusing on the go packaging solution to meet the augmented demand for packaged and processed foods. The global on the go packaging market is expected to have a steady growth over the forecast period attributed to the increasing demand for easy usage and consumption of products.

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On the Go Packaging Market: Market Dynamics

Increasing consumer preferences for processed foods is the prime factor driving the global on the go packaging market. Growing affinity of the consumers for portability, easy usage, re-usability, and re-closable characteristics is expected to boost the global on the go packaging market. Besides, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry also contributes to the growing demand for on the go packaging market. Medicines such as tablets, syrups, and ointments require re-closable facility which is thereby expected to drive the on the go packaging market. Other industries that contribute to the increasing demand for global on the go packaging market are health care and hygiene products and other consumer goods.

The growing trend of retail packaging industry is considered to be a major factor significantly contributing to the escalating demand for global on the packaging market. On the go packaging helps in easy display and easy identifying of retail ready product packs without having to spend much on display costs.

However, on the go packaging market growth is hindered by few restraints. The most crucial being the contamination of the product especially the processed foods. On the go packaging facilitates easy usage of processed packaged foods which in turn might have high possibilities of getting contaminated.

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On the go packaging market is segmented on the basis of various packaging types which includes flexible and paperboard packaging. Flexible packaging includes on the go packaging solutions such as convenient closures – snap or flip top closure, zip pouches, re-usable, clamshells and trays, and peel off lids. Paperboard packaging includes on the go packaging solutions such as folding cartons, corrugated boxes, and rigid boxes. These paperboard box packages are mainly used for retail ready products.

On the go packaging market is segmented on basis of its industrial applications. Industries include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and hygiene and other consumer goods. On the go packaging solutions are used mainly for processed foods like meat, frozen foods, juice pouches or cans, health drinks, soft drinks and others. Tablets, syrups, ointments require easy consumption as it can be needed anywhere anytime hence, on the go packaging solution is an essential for pharmaceutical industry. Healthcare and hygiene products include moisturizing lotions, creams, oils, hand sanitizers and others that require easy usage and portability.

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