Nullamunjie Extra Virgin Olive Oil Success Through Innovation

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Melbourne, Victoria — 12/17/2017 — Who doesn't want to be fit for life? By educating the people to use extra virgin olive oil. Annetta Paterson with their own planted Olive Garden gains attention worldwide.

Mrs. Paterson at the earliest stage of Nullamunjie started marketing the olive oil since 2004, from door to door sales. But while looking for overseas markets, she found her biggest client – and now most of 80pc of production is exported to America.

Nullamunjie is a pure single estate olive oil. Pressed in the bottles of an estate. Providing the best quality of extra virgin olive oil, Nullamunjie won the association's gold medal in 2012 and many silver and bronze medals.

Olive oil was well known as a liquid gold in ancient time, and you cannot count its benefits. It is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, contains significant amounts of antioxidants which helps in preventing strokes, also protects against heart diseases, so don't be deprived of its benefits and get it from Nullamunjie.

“It's my pride and joy,” Annetta Paterson said, admitting she is solely responsible for pressing the olives.

There are currently 3500 olive trees planted in a progression of forests on the foothills. The senior planted in 1998 and the young one are still planted seven years. According to Nullamunjie the information for preserving and increasing the life of olive oil is to protect it from heat and oxygen.

Variety of seasonal cuisine with the mouth-watering aroma, enjoy the best experience at Nullamunjie in the beautiful valley of Tambo. Dishes cooked with olive oil keeping in mind the health of our customers to make them aware of about the quality food. Annetta Paterson won the Melbourne Show Fine Food Awards silver medal for extra virgin olive oil.

Nullamunjie extra virgin olive oil is now mostly available worldwide and just one call away from you.

About Nullamunjie
Nullamunjie is a true single estate olive oil, grown, pressed and bottled on the estate. The olives are processed within 2-4 hours of being harvested fresh from the trees. Nullamunjie Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a robustly fruity oil with excellent complexity of flavours and length of pepper, and a beautiful herbaceous aroma. As with all olive oils classified as extra virgin, acidity levels are less than 0.8%.

In the case of Nullamunjie extra virgin olive oil considerably less, never having exceeded 0.2%.

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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett

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