Novel Skin Enhancement Invention ‘Conceal Skin’ to Launch on Kickstarter

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The perfect skin need no longer be a dream. Welcome to the future of fashion and cosmetics with Conceal Skin! About to be launched on Kickstarter, Conceal Skin is a new invention of Geana Jones, and provides the allure of the perfect skin with an ultrathin, super stretchy and washable cover made from medical grade silicone gel.

Celebrities show off their perfect skin, but ever wondered if behind it lies professional make up, digital manipulation, and a whole lot of dermatological treatments? Not all of us can afford costly skin treatments and professional make-up services. But we still have technology on our side in the form of Conceal Skin.

Perfect cover-up skin is now simple and easy with Conceal Skin. To be made available in multiple shades, shapes and sizes, Conceal Skin is also hypo-allergic, and can be washed and reused a number of times. The easiest and fastest way to conceal skin, the product is breathable, soft and flexible, and uses matte finish to reduce shine and reflection to appear just like normal skin. The ultra-thin and self adhering skin cover can be washed up to 20 times, thus saving money. Conceal Skin is water resistant, and offers multiple skin tones to match every body type.

Using Conceal Skin is easy too. The patch is peeled away from its thin liner, held with finger tips, and applied to the center of the coverage area. The edges of the patch can then be smoothened with pressure. Conceal Skin is self-adhesive, and with body heat sticks and holds on to the skin in seconds. The patch can be removed at regular intervals to remove body oils, dust and other residues that may accumulate.

“I’m on a mission to improve people’s lives with my products and impart them with an unshakable sense of confidence. I also strive to create more career opportunities within my community and the United States at large,� says Geana Jones.

The dual patent pending invention was inspired by Geana’s former classmate who faced the prospect of losing her job due to a sorority tattoo on her wrist. Considering laser removal to be a drastic procedure, Geana came up with the idea of Conceal Skin as a quick, reliable and non-surgical way to hide skin imperfections.

Media Contact
Company Name: Conceal Skin, Inc.
Contact Person: Geana Jones – Inventor & Founder
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-844-635-5252
Country: United States

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