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Nordstjernan is expanding in the health and medical care sector by acquiring a majority of the shares in Barnmorskegruppen MAMA MIA Aktiebolag (“Mama Mia”) as an add-on acquisition for Lideta Hälsovård (“Lideta”). The sellers, the Wahlström family, will become partners in the company that will consist of both Lideta’s and Mama Mia’s operations. The current CEO of Lideta, Hugo Lewné, will continue as CEO of the group. At the same time, Mama Mia’s CEO Eva Laurin will become part of Lideta’s management team.

Mama Mia provides maternity and child health care services at seven clinics in Stockholm and Malmö, and primary health care at two clinics in Stockholm under the brand To Care. The company, founded in 1988 by Christina Wahlström, has grown rapidly over the last few years and with a little over 170 employees, its annual sales for the previous fiscal year were just under SEK 200 million. With this acquisition, Lideta is strengthening its position in maternity and child health care services, as well as in primary health care.

Tomas Billing, CEO of Nordstjernan, says:
“We look very positive at Mama Mia’s business and brand. Nordstjernan’s ambition is to develop a high-quality company in Swedish health and medical care over several years.”

Eva Laurin, CEO of Mama Mia, says:
“We are very pleased to have Nordstjernan as majority shareholder in Mama Mia. Our family looks forward to continuing to develop the company together with Nordstjernan and Lideta.”

The parties have agreed not to publish the terms of the transaction.

Tomas Billing                                         
President and CEO
Nordstjernan AB

Questions will be answered by:

Tomas Billing, CEO, Nordstjernan
Telephone: +46 8 788 50 18
E-mail: [email protected]

Hugo Lewné, CEO, Lideta Hälsovård
Telephone: +46 42 453 04 90
E-mail: [email protected]

Eva Laurin, CEO, Mama Mia
Telephone: + 46 707 70 00 29
E-mail: [email protected]

Nordstjernan is a family-controlled investment company that creates growth in value through long-term and active ownership of Nordic companies. More information about Nordstjernan is available at  

Lideta Hälsovård is a medical care company that engages in primary care in Stockholm and southern Sweden. More information about Lideta is available at  

Mama Mia provides maternity health care, child health care, and primary health care services in Stockholm and Malmö. More information about Mama Mia is available at


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