Nigerian telecoms market is expanding and hoped to account for a greater share of national GDP by 2025

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●     Nigeria has the most competitive fixed-line market in Africa, featuring a second national operator (Globacom) and over 80 other companies licensed to provide fixed-telephony services.

●     The mobile sector has benefited from market competition and the wider deployment of LTE technologies, which have in turn supported operator revenue growth and encouraged the adoption of mobile broadband among subscribers.

●     The regulator has licensed two regional infrastructure companies to build a national broadband network and offer capacity to all service providers on a non-discriminatory, open-access and price-regulated basis.

●     An additional five infrastructure company licenses are expected to be awarded later in 2017.

●     The landing of additional submarine cables (supported by improved domestic fibre infrastructure) has delivered a further boost to the country's developing broadband sector by improving bandwidth and reducing prices for end-users.

Key facts:

  • State oil company NNPC allows part of its fibre infrastructure to be used for telecom services;
  • Government proposes new tax on telecom services; regulator hopes for the telecoms sector to account for a greater share of GDP by 2025;
  • Lagos State government agrees to abolish arbitrary charges on telecommunications

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