New Classified Listing Mega-site “www.UsedCarsForSale.Com” Offers Dealers Unlimited Listings and Leads at No Cost

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Over 100 Used Car Dealers are Adding Inventory Weekly, 25,000 Dealers Expected to List on Site

As a thank you to the industry that’s been great to me, I thought I’d give back by making a free classified site for used car dealers, we get to test technology as a trade off.”

— Steve Tackett

THOUSAND OAKS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2017 — Steve Tackett has done very well by the Automotive Industry and has figured out a way to pay it back after 20 years in the business. “As a big thank you to the industry that’s been great to me and my team, I thought I’d give back by making an option for used car dealers to list unlimited inventory on the site at no charge whatsoever, all leads will be free of charge as well. I like the trade-off, dealers get great leads, traffic, and sales for free, we get to see which emerging technologies are the most effective at driving car shoppers to their sites, it’s a win-win”.

Steve Tackett is taking the entire automotive listing concept back to it’s roots and is creating an environment where a dealer can list their entire inventory at no cost, forever, as part of his rather unusual, if not eccentric “gift” to the used car industry. It’s somewhat of a retro approach that brings back the concept of the original classified sites which were basically all free referral sites.

According to the many used car dealers we’ve spoken to, Craigslist tends to outperform all of the other costly classified listing sites, and has had the same basic “free” business model for many years. The issue dealers face with Craigslist is that as more vehicles are added by other sources, their vehicles get pushed back page by page. Most have to use 3rd parties that have software that re-lists each vehicle periodically to keep each vehicle at the front of the pack for about $399 a month. Consumers won’t be able to list their vehicles on

The consumer can now shop on a clean, user-friendly listing site, and the car dealer will never have to hassle with billing issues or having their leads being shared among other local dealers. Tackett now has the only automotive listing site option that is completely free to the industry and so far the response has been as expected, with dealers signing up at the rate of 100+ per week.

Used Cars for Sale has been a search engine “exact match query” keyed in by millions of car shoppers every year. Tackett bought the domain in June for 340K and has transformed it into an SEO enhanced listing platform whereby licensed used car dealers can increase their visibility in local search and turn inventory over at a faster clip.

The bottom line is that creates no ambiguity between vendor and dealer regarding pricing, and provides a great shopping experience for car buyers. With this basic option, the only people making money are the dealers. Used car dealers have long been clamoring for an affordable listing site and now they have one that provides them with the leads, and the shopper enough comparables in their various markets to satisfy their needs. Another site Tackett launched this month is, which may be the most visually appealing classified listing site in the industry.

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