NEA President Applauds Phil Murphy as New Jersey’s Next Governor

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NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia talks to college students about skyrocketing student loans at California State University

Phil Murphy will support working people by fully funding their pensions and ensuring they have a secure retirement. –NEA President Lily Eskelsen García


New Jersey voters ushered in a new era today when they elected Phil Murphy as their next governor. Murphy’s “Getting Education Right” platform includes expanding pre-K to all New Jersey kids, implementing state-of-the-art STEM curriculum, creating new vocational programs, expanding access to community colleges for high school students, and giving local communities a stronger voice in education by ending state takeovers of public schools. At a time when the economy is rigged in favor of the wealthy and the powerful elite, Murphy’s election was a win for working families as he has pledged to invest in the middle class.

The following statement was issued on behalf of NEA President Lily Eskelsen García:

“Phil Murphy earned the support of New Jersey educators because he has a vision for public schools. He knows how important it is to provide students with the support, tools and time to learn that inspires their curiosity and develops critical thinking skills.

“By electing Phil Murphy as governor, New Jersey voters rejected Betsy DeVos’s agenda of voucher schemes that would steal away funding from students in public schools. We simply can’t afford to fund two different education systems — one private and one public — on the taxpayers’ dime. The focus should be on investing in public schools, where 90 percent of children go, not diverting money from them for the 10 percent who go to private schools.

“Phil Murphy understands that resourced public schools are best for setting students off toward a great future. He will put an end to an era when working people in New Jersey were disparaged and disrespected by the governor all too often. Phil Murphy will support working people by fully funding their pensions and ensuring they have a secure retirement. He will be a champion for working families because he gets that a strong economy begins with a healthy and thriving middle class.”

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