My Melbourne Chiropractor Introduces an Innovative Conceptual Clinic Exclusively for Affordable Chiropractic- Life Chiropractic Studio

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Richmond, Victoria — 12/18/2017 — Dr Stephen Kirby, an experienced and well-reputed chiropractor has opened a first of its kind Chiropractic Clinic in Richmond, Melbourne called The Life Chiropractic Studio. The clinic is a conceptual infirmary that provides various chiropractic services to their clients from all over Australia in affordable and effective ways. The clinic is targeted to cure concerns such as Scalia, posture corrections, Arthritis, Slipped disc, Migraines and other complications related to the spinal and nervous system.

Dr Kirby has been serving across the country with this unmatched services for over 4 years now and has earned a reputation for being the best in his field. It is his hard work and dedication towards his profession that people travel from all over the country to get themselves treated under the guidance of the doctor at LSC. Having experienced a terrible road accident himself, Dr Kirby understands the need of having a preventative and maintenance care post a traumatic injury thus his vision is to make Life Chiropractic Studio available to anyone who needs assistance and right remedy.

Life Chiropractic Studio works on a concept that provides chiropractic diagnostics, treatments and precautionary care at an affordable price. A notable aspect of the clinic is that they do not make their patients wait in long queues and waitlist. They have always been on time each time.

The clinic works on a 4 step life chiropractic process that initiates as patients at the Life Chiropractic Studio visit and consults their doctor to discuss the orthopaedic or nervous ailments they are facing. This step then moves on to the investigative phase that includes the physical and neurological examination of the patients to get a diagnostics. On receiving the reports the Chiropractor starts building a customized health plan for the patient targeting their problem areas. On completion of the evaluation, the patient is able to receive the first treatment which can provide a faster relieve and support rapid recovery.

About Life Chiropractic Studio
The preliminary visit to Life Chiropractic Studio can be booked online under an introductory consultation fee of $29 which is reasonably priced as compared to other similar clinics.

For more details, refer below:
Call at: 1300 977 657
Address: Suite 1/53 Coppin St Richmond VIC 3121
Email: [email protected]

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