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NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2017 — Isa Yu, the co-founder of Moeda, the first cooperative banking platform powered by blockchain technology, was invited to speak at the Blockchain for Social Impact Conference this Friday at the Microsoft Technology Center. The event was hosted by the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) and featured dozens of participants from a myriad of backgrounds.

Financial Inclusion panel at Blockchain for Social Impact Conference, New York

The conference brought together tech experts, entrepreneurs, and investors to share current developments and upcoming opportunities to use Ethereum blockchain technology as a means of addressing global challenges. A variety of panels were held to discuss how blockchain technology can be utilized for serious issues, including health, humanitarian, and environmental concerns, among many others.

Ms. Yu was a part of the Financial Inclusion panel to illustrate blockchain technology's potential for the public sector, and how Moeda is a leader in employing blockchain social impact. One of the biggest beneficiaries of blockchain technology stands to be rural, underbanked populations that have little to no access to the traditional market. This will not only allow sustainable development to take place, but could contribute greatly to financial self-sovereignty across the world.

Ms. Yu also reiterated Moeda's initiative to recruit talent for its Ambassadors for Change program. The Ambassadors for Change will include a diverse, hand-selected body of professionals of all experience levels and backgrounds —  from private investors to C-suite professionals to government officials to CSR-focused academics. This program will connect professionals and offer them the opportunity to collaborate with the Seed Pilot Program entrepreneurs as they develop their ground-breaking projects.

Moeda is grateful to have been a part of this conference and for the opportunity to convey the opportunities offered by blockchain technology.

To be considered for the Moeda Ambassadors for Change program, contact the Moeda team at [email protected].

About Moeda:
Founded in April 2017 by Taynaah Reis, Brad Chun, and Isa Yu, Moeda is the first cooperative banking system powered by blockchain technology. Moeda harnesses the power, speed, and efficiency of blockchain technology to empower underfunded and unbanked entrepreneurs worldwide.

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