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Combining 70 percent premium dark Ghana chocolate with three key superfoods, Matakana SuperFoods’ Dark Chocolate Bar is one of the healthiest and best-tasting bars in the world.

Whether someone is short on vitamins or minerals, red or green fruits and veggies, micro- or macronutrients, Matakana SuperFoods is sure to provide these using premium quality and organic ingredients sourced from around the world.

BOCA RATON, Fla. March 14, 2018

Matakana SuperFoods is based in New Zealand, but soon its Acai Bowls, Supergreens, Supershakes and Superchoc shake mixes and vegan SuperFood Dark Chocolate Bars will be available to U.S. consumers by way of

The producer of more than 70 superfood products, is expanding by increasing its distribution and the variety of stores products are sold in the U.S. Each Matakana SuperFoods item intends to supplement diet, providing a daily boost of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

“We are going to provide exceptional superfoods on so anyone can improve their nutrition profile and health,� Matakana SuperFoods’ CEO Dr. Kevin Glucina said. “Whether someone is short on vitamins or minerals, red or green fruits and veggies, micro- or macronutrients, Matakana SuperFoods is sure to provide these using premium-quality and organic ingredients sourced from around the world.�

Glucina, who believes a diet rich in super-nutrient wholefoods is a key to great health, founded Matakana in 2009. Matakana SuperFoods grew to be a leader in the New Zealand health and wellness market, producing unique and healthy supplements that also taste great.

“We’ve developed a great reputation in New Zealand and will carry that over to North America,� Glucina said. “Our products aren’t just healthy, they taste great. Having superfoods once a day guarantees improved nutrition. As we say, ‘Nourish your body, enrich your life.’�

The concept of superfoods has gained popularity based on the belief that synergistic interaction of nutrients occurs in natural wholefoods that does not occur with extractions of individual vitamins, minerals or phytonutrients. Superfoods encompass wholefoods that are nutrient rich, such as organic spirulina, kale, cracked cell chlorella, Moringa, wheat leaf, barley leaf and broccoli sprout.

The 70-plus line of Matakana SuperFoods products include chia seeds, maqui, goji and acai berries, coconut sugar and fermented coconut sauces, and its Supergreens and Supershake blends. These superfood products are sourced from organic and sustainable farms. The Acai Bowl and Supergreens are the most popular products among these top-sellers, and the SuperFood Dark Chocolate Bars with organic maqui berries, sacha inchi and cacao nibs are sure to impress. The chocolate bars also are vegan.

For more information on Matakana SuperFoods and its various superfood products, visit

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