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TrimHim Nose Hair trimmer

LOS ANGELES, LA, USA, November 16, 2017 — Oftentimes people avoid shaving our excess facial hair, leaving us with ugly patches of hair sticking out from our nose or ears, an image hardly suited for a wedding, birthday party, Photo Shoot or even a job interview.
This is why we were at Aotearoa Beauty are proud to release our newest in Body Hair Removal Technology, TrimHim, which provides maximum comfort in facial hair removal which is small and light and easily fits in a makeup bag.

One of the most important aspects of facial hair trimming is comfort. Nobody likes the feeling of a trimmer pulling at their hair, the sharp pinch makes for an uncomfortable experience, and it can be exhausting when you can’t seem to get rid of that one piece of stray hair. That is why TrimHim is designed to operate with precision and provide the most comfort possible when trimming your hair, whether your trying to look good for an event, or even quickly trim your hair minutes before leaving for work, TrimHim’s stainless-steel circular blade system will guarantee that you are free of discomfort and its ergonomic body ensures ease of use.

If you are concerned about maintenance and resilience, then TrimHim is for you. The rubberized body protects the trimmer from impacts and a protective cap ensures that the blade will continue to provide comfort long into the future. A provided brush will ensure that you can clean your trimmer wish ease, so no need to worry about having to buy several cleaning products to prevent hair from clogging up your trimmer. Power consumption is low and only a AA-size battery (not included) is required to power the trimmer.

But if the hair really has to come out then Aotearoa has Tweezers that will do the job quickly and efficiently.

As well as a complete range of beauty products that make amazing stock stuffers.

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