Local Favorite Cowboy Burgers & BBQ Rebrands for a Better Future

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Rancho Cucamonga, CA — 11/10/2017 — There are some exciting things happening at your favorite Cowboy Burgers & BBQ location in Rancho Cucamonga, and they're certain to satisfy your taste buds! This January, Franchise Owner Ana Karina Suchánek, who has been with the brand for nearly 20 years, is rolling out her own restaurant concept – The Hitch Burger Grill. The local favorite restaurant will continue to serve up its best-selling, well-loved menu items, while also adding new menu options including gourmet burgers.

An American Dream Come True

The Hitch owner Ana Karina Suchánek is originally from Mexico. After graduating college with a business degree, she moved to the Inland Empire so that she could learn conversational English – a skill she intended to acquire so she could return home to Mexico and start a lucrative banking career. Upon moving to California, she found herself hired on to Cowboy Burgers & BBQ as a cashier – a perfect opportunity for her to interact with English speaking customers on a daily basis and hone her growing language skills.

However, Karina, and all of those around her, soon learned that she had a knack and love for the restaurant industry. Within 6 months, her boss made her the Manager of Cowboy Burgers & BBQ. And before she knew it, she was managing multiple locations of the Inland Empire restaurant chain.Now, after nearly 20 years of working under another brand, Karina is ready to branch out and show the Inland Empire community what she has to offer.

The Hitch Burger Grill Value – More Than a Great Meal

The Hitch will focus on providing guests with authentic food and recipes, fresh ingredients and an experience like none other. But this new restaurant concept will do more than simply serve up some of the best meals you'll be able to find in the Inland Empire. Karina and her husband, Chris, are firm believers of giving back to the community, and have even founded their own non-profit, Project Boon, which helps provide meals, school supplies and health services to underserved communities. A percentage of The Hitch profits will go directly to Project Boon to help serve more people in the Inland Empire and Mexico, and the restaurant will also offer fundraising opportunities for local charities.

As we like to say, the new Hitch Burger Grill concept is “Where giving back never tasted so good.”

For more information visit hitchburger.com.

For additional commentary from The Hitch Burger Grill or to schedule an interview with Ana Karina Suchánek, please contact Jacqui Villalobos at 909-980-3232 or email [email protected].

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Cowboy Burgers & BBQ
Jacqueline Villalobos, Development Coordinator

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