Liectroux Robotics Gmbh Strongly Recommends Newest German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner To Make Cleaning House Efficiently & Intelligently

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In recent years, home smart products have become the mainstream of people’s new home products. With its strong artificial intelligence, home smart products have become an excellent alternative to their corresponding traditional operating tools, and greatly improve people’s quality of life in the same time. Intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is one of various kinds of home smart products. Since its introduction to the cleaning market, it has been widely loved and purchased due to its versatility and intelligence.

There are good and bad robot vacuum cleaners sold in the market, and some are even not qualified for the most basic cleaning works. In hot summer day, it would be gorgeous to have a robot vacuum cleaner which is satisfactory in all aspects at home. The design of German Liectroux Aerial Robot won the International Design Prize on 1940. (You can view the website: or to get more detailed information). And the new German Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner with its 2D Map Navigation with Memory has become a home must, owner’s pet and maid.


Except for the powerful cleaning capabilities, there are few robot vacuum cleaners can compare with German Liectroux B6009 in the security system. Its bottom is equipped with intelligent anti-drop infrared sensor electronic eyes. This equipment enables it to intelligently identify complex terrains. And if it detects the height is more than 5cm, it will drop back on their own. Infrared inside the fuselage can detect the front obstacles and in detection of obstacles such as walls, the robot will automatically initiate anti-collision / slow collision system, test to forward or directly change the direction by intelligence.

Its side brushes have automatic overload protection, when winding wire or other debris, the machine will intelligently adjust the side brush speed to effectively avoid winding and to escape winding in a short time. It has first-class intelligent detour ability. Furthermore, the powerful anti-drop, anti-collision and anti-winding functions can not only can well protect the fuselage, but also effectively protect your home in case of danger.

Liectroux Robotics GmbH strongly recommends newest German Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner to make cleaning house efficiently & intelligently 

German Liectroux B6009, the family health Terminator. B6009 is a new navigation robot vacuum cleaner which introduced by German Liectroux. The smart chip system of B6009 is very advanced. Its brush and the suction port are interchangeable. The machine works with low noise and high sensitivity (anti-collision upgrade). It is also equipped with 1000ml capacity dust box. Therefore, the German Liectroux B6009 is very cost-effective.

About German Liectroux B6009: The core components of the machine (motor, chip, etc.) are imported, the whole machine is assembled domestically and the brand is in Germany.

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When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, the most important thing is that the machine should possess qualified cleaning ability to keep your home clean enough. German Liectroux B6009 does a great job in this area. The Liectroux B6009 is equipped with a special floating V-type roller brush to gather dust efficiently. In addition to being able to do a good job of solving the common cleaning problems such as floor soot, food residue and dead skin, B6009 can also effectively clean the dust in the corner of the floor seams and carpet edges. With large tank and imported-materials large cloth, its wet mopping and dry mopping capability is very outstanding. Besides, B6009 is able to achieve desired effect as manually dragging and maintains the basic dry of ground after the wet mopping.

The B6009 has an excellent user experience. Its airframe’s wireless carrier indoor positioning system is the best-performing positioning system in current robot vacuum cleaner market. B6009 can not only locates precisely, but also breaks the range limit to achieve the whole house positioning, and accomplish the memory map of the whole house, combined with Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner dedicated machine chips and other equipments to conduct cleaning planning intelligently. The cleaning efficiency of B6009 is super high with almost zero probability of miss-mopping and re-scanning mopping.

Liectroux Robotics Gmbh Strongly Recommends Newest German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner To Make Cleaning House Efficiently & Intelligently 

Product Name: German Liectroux B6009  
Warranty period: 24 months  
Brand: German Liectroux  
Model: B6009  
Dust box capacity: 1L  
Automatic charging: Yes  
Smart Type: Other intelligence type  
The highest height: 9.5cm  
Battery capacity: 2000mAh  
Collision protection: mechanical + electronic double protection  Item: B6009  A
Application area: 150mx200m
Additional Functions: Dust Recognition  
Color Classification: Silver Black Exterior  
Modeling: Robot Vacuum Cleaner 
Function: Mopping, Sweeping and Sucking Cleaning 
Route: Planning  
Remote Control: Yes  
Scheduled Appointment Function: Yes   
LCD: Yes  
Virtual Wall: Yes

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