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CARLSBAD, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 8, 2017) – V Group Inc. (OTC PINK: VGID) — Patience CBD is alive on the Web.

V Group, Inc., along with the Company's incubation partner, Leaf of Faith, is proud to announce the launch of Leaf of Faith's new web site.

WWW.PATIENCECBD.COM is a fun-filled, interactive portal filled with information about the products, the Company and the benefits of CBD.

Currently, the online presence of Patience CBD and Leaf of Faith is minimal. Going forward, WWW.PATIENCECBD.COM will allow the Company a platform in which to communicate with customers, promote the company and its products as well as promote upcoming events, and will allow customers to order product. The Company will be constantly updating and adding to the ever-expanding web presence.

In the future, WWW.PATIENCECBD.COM will also include links to other V Group Companies and web sites.

Patience CBD is a rapidly expanding beverage that offers not only great taste and great looks but also offers the incredible health benefits of both CBD and Vitamins. The product is currently available in 2 delicious flavors with another to be available soon.

Leaf of Faith will also be introducing a Ph-balanced water with a truly unique package in the near future. 

V Group, Inc., had an extremely productive third quarter exceeding expectations by more than 30%. The top and bottom line growth can be directly credited by the expansion of Leaf of Faith's Patience CBD Beverage.

“We have been pleased with the growth of Leaf of Faith,” states Larry Twombly, V Group's CEO. “V Group has found an incredible partner in Medi-Mike and Leaf of Faith. Mike knows the Hemp based market as well as anyone and is a master promoter of events and brands. His knowledge and tireless work will only benefit V Group, Leaf of Faith, shareholders and investors.”

Leaf of Faith is the second of many incubations headed by V Group, Inc. The incubation process is an extremely involved one but it's a process that benefits V Group shareholders greatly.

V Group's third quarter report will be published shortly. The Company feels shareholders and investors will be pleased with growth and direction of the Company.

Once the reports are published, the Company will be updating the public on other Company business. Also, the Company will be announcing the date of the third quarter Conference Call being conducted by the Company's CEO, Lawrence Twombly.

V group, Inc. is on track to successfully spin off Leaf of Faith into its own public entity toward the end of 2017. The Company believes this is the surest way to ensure shareholder value.

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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett

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