L.A.M.A Soap Company’s Pure Coconut Oil Soaps Now Available at Organic Garage

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 15, 2017 — L.A.M.A Soap Company Pure Coconut Oil Soaps Now Available at Organic Garage

Oakville, Thornhill, and Toronto, Canada – November 15, 2017 – With a commitment to producing products that are entirely natural, without compromising on luxury, L.A.M.A Soap Company helps organic product lovers across the country feel healthy and fresh. L.A.M.A Soap Company is happy to announce that their products are available at all three locations of Organic Garage so shoppers in Oakville, Thornhill, and Toronto can also immerse their bodies in a luxurious cleansing experience that's difficult to beat.

Featuring healthy fatty acids that permeate their way through the user's skin, coconut oil soaps have great anti-bacterial benefits. In other words, they play a role in keeping bacteria, viruses, and fungi at bay, adding an extra barrier of protection to the skin.

Natural moisturising for customers throughout Southern Ontario

As a natural moisturizer, coconut oil has an easier time permeating the skin than other products. Also, it contains small amounts of Vitamin E, which acts as a free radical. Because of this, those who add coconut oil soaps to their daily routine can slow the aging process and battle the environmental toxins they encounter during their day-to-day life.

Even better still, these soaps pack plenty of proteins. Once they make their way through the skin, proteins break down into amino acids, which are the building blocks of life. As such, they can aid in tissue repair and provide some natural rejuvenation.

Each of LAMA Soap Company's range is handmade in Canada, which means shoppers can rest assured the products they're buying are as fresh as possible. While the scope of scents available is vast, all of their products are:
• Completely all natural, vegan and cruelty free.
• The most luxurious bar of soap you will ever try
• Always made with your health and the environment in mind
Simply put L.A.M.A Soap Company is the most wholesome soap on the market!

Laura Acs
L.A.M.A Soap Company
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