Kenyon Expands Team Member Program with Regional Coordinators

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Kenyon International has announced the addition of nine new Team Member Regional Coordinators to oversee key global areas.

Houston, TX, November 08, 2017 — Kenyon International has announced today the addition of nine new Team Member Regional Coordinators to oversee the following key global areas: Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Central America/Mexico, Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Russia and South America. Their responsibilities include Team Member recruitment, training, networking and regional team maintenance. They also serve as first responders who are trained and able to coordinate among the various services Kenyon provides.

As a natural progression to their existing robust Team Member program, Kenyon created the regional coordinator positions to improve local recruitment and training opportunities, ensure more complete global coverage and language capability, and further ensure that Kenyon’s response represents the highest level of cultural understanding and awareness. To learn more about the people filling these important roles, visit

“We are very excited to launch the Team Member Regional Coordinator Program,” stated Kenyon Director, Operational Support Services Kerry-Ann Milic. “Team Members are key to our success, so it is important to us that we provide them with continuous development and the opportunity to build upon their experience.”

With nearly 1700 experienced professionals and experts in their fields, their Team Member network is unique, global and responsive. During a crisis, clients must focus on a quick response while also ensuring business continuity. Kenyon Team Members strengthen their clients’ teams and give them the freedom needed to manage all of the details. To learn more about becoming a registered Team Member, visit

About Kenyon International Emergency Services
Kenyon is the international leader in worldwide disaster management, providing pre-incident crisis planning and post-emergency response services on behalf of the world’s foremost companies. Privately owned, Kenyon remains the only firm in its business with a hundred year history, comprehensive resources, and experience in every type of mass fatality accident including aviation, industrial and natural disasters, war and terror attacks. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Kenyon has offices or facilities in Sydney, Australia; Bracknell, UK; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Beirut, Lebanon. Learn more at

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