John V. Soto, Director of the Sci-Fi Thriller ‘The Gateway’ – Careful What You Wish For

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Samera Entertainment in co-production with Director John V. Soto of Filmscope Entertainment

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LOS ANGELES, December 16, 2017 – Sci-Fi movies have always been loved by audiences because of their futuristic stories, action and visual effects. John V. Soto has just finished his Sci-Fi thriller “The Gateway” (aka “Alpha Gateway”) which will be released across North America by Gravitas Ventures mid-February 2018.

The Gateway is about a particle physicist who loses her husband in a car crash and travels to a parallel world to bring him back, with dire consequences for her young family.

John is both the director and co-writer of the film and has done a remarkable job creating a fresh, exciting story in a believable alternate world. The film has been selected for a number of film festivals, including noted genre festival FilmQuest, the Austin Revolution Film Festival (where it won Best Film and John won Best Director) and the Sci Fi Festival 2017. Reviews coming out for the film have been great and buzz is starting to build.

The film stars Jacqueline McKenzie, who starred in the long-running U.S. TV series “The 4400” and the upcoming Sundance TV series “Romper Stomper.”  John V. Soto and author Michael White took a couple of years and eight drafts to arrive at the version of the script that they felt worked the best. Even during the shoot, John was continuously working on the script, fine-tuning dialogue and action. The cast and crew of “The Gateway” speak highly of John, particularly his clear vision for the film he wants to make and also his friendly and collaborative manner of filmmaking.

John V. Soto has exciting plans for the future and at present is working on several different projects. He has “The Spartan Will” in development, which is a sports drama about a construction worker who enters an extreme fitness competition to pay for his mother’s medical treatment. The story is a “Rocky”-like sports action drama. In addition, he is working with co-writer Todd Gordon on a supernatural thriller, “That Which Haunts Me,” about a killer mannequin that is scheduled for production in the summer of 2018.  John is also working with Todd on a high-concept Sci-Fi project titled “Invasion.”

Sharry Flaherty of Samera Entertainment is co-producing these projects with John and his company Filmscope Entertainment. 

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