IRIS Announces FHIR® Enablement of VSAC Resources

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The VSAC provides downloadable access to all official versions of vocabulary value sets drawn from standard vocabularies contained in the CMS electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) ( This service supports the CodeSystem and ValueSet FHIR Terminology Module resources to access value sets published, and code systems hosted, by VSAC.

“HL7's FHIR® is intended to enable health information exchange in a wide variety of settings. Creating a service that would FHIR® 'enable' the VSAC seemed like a crucial step in advancing the HIT's communities shared interest in achieving information interoperability; we are grateful for the opportunity,” said David Clark, IRIS' President.

Since 2015, NLM has provided a prototype of the service to be leveraged for terminology tracks at several HL7 FHIR Connect-A-Thons. IRIS developers and senior SMEs were asked to support its development and make enhancements to the service in October 2016. The team hopes to continue its work with FHA and NLM to expand this capability to additional FHIR resources.

This is the second FHIR® related announcement from IRIS this year. On September 28, 2017 IRIS launched FHIRView® a free online service which offers a simple, direct rendering of FHIR®'s resources, elements, and datatypes. FHIRView® was developed in response to the need for an intuitive, fast, and accurate method to access health IT standards and compare data models.

IRIS is a health information technology (HIT) management and technology services firm founded in 2006 which leverages decades of HIT program management, architecture, engineering and software development experience. IRIS core values are predicated on People, Processes, Performance, and Pricing – which drive our delivery model to achieve higher outputs and lower costs for our clients, while improving the functionality and efficacy of healthcare processes through the delivery of superior design, development, and maintenance of health information technology (HIT) systems and programs.

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