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TOWANDA, Pa., Dec. 15, 2017 — An independent insurance agency based in northeastern Pennsylvania is among those leading the way with a recently remodeled website that is truly interactive with online quote capability and much more. Aside from an impressive user-friendly design that gets you where you want to go,  Gannon Associates Insurance offers access —24 hours a day, seven days a week —to everything from policy amendments to filing a loss claim.

That means you can go online to make a claim, initiating the process without having to abide by the office hours at Gannon's 12 locations in one of the largest service areas of any independent insurance agency in Pennsylvania. Or you can go to the site's CSR 24 customer portal on the “Service Center” page to print an auto ID card or certificates of insurance with a username and password. You may even request policy changes at your convenience.

You may ask for an online quote, including all the types of coverage the agency provides, including home, life, health, auto, commercial and Medicare, through more than 50 reputable insurance companies or carriers.

A quarterly survey by Superior Access this year revealed that barely half of independent agencies — and there are some 40,000 of them nationwide—have websites. Only 17 percent have online quote capability, reports Superior Access, which works exclusively with independent agents in marketing themselves and establishing higher visibility.

Thousands of independent agents are still marketing themselves in the YPE, or Yellow Pages Era, and running occasional ads in the local newspapers. That's all right. There's still a local audience there, but the biggest audience is looking for insurance, even an agent, in cyberspace.  As the phone book becomes an endangered species, thanks to cell phone technology, those old reliable Yellow Pages are clearly the first casualty in the traditional phone book.

Local in the business world does not necessarily mean that, with all the competition out there, an independent insurance agent can subsist using marketing resources that go only to those with subscribers in a limited geographical areas.

A great website does not replace face-to-face personal service, and that is why the agency has a physical presence in so many communities, including in the Southern Tier of New York.

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