Inspiration 2 Empower Press Publishes Two Self-Esteem Building Children’s Books in Five Months

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In less than half a year, Inspiration 2 Empower Press has two books written by children published.

WASHINGTON, DC – 11-07-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

Inspiration 2 Empower Press has published books by two youth authors in less than six months. Founded on the belief that building self-esteem in youths and adults alike is best done by authors of a similar age, Inspiration 2 Empower gives readers books which help readers build up themselves and those around them.

You Can Be Anything You Want to Be by seven-year old author Ah’Myah Monae McKinley takes readers on a journey through various professions. Readers are guided to realizing they can be anything they wish to be as Ah’Myah creates a self-esteem building tome written for children featuring age appropriate examples.

Be Cool, Be You by five-year-old author, Londyn Gamble celebrates the uniqueness of everyone and their value by being different. She takes readers on an adventure of trying new things, embracing diverse cultures, and learning to accept themselves as they are.

The interesting concept is that both books features the graphic representation and splitting image of the authors empowering their peer group. You Can Be Anything You Want to Be and Be Cool, Be You are available where ever books are sold including Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Independent retailers.

About Inspiration 2 Empower Press:

Inspiration 2 Empower Press strives to provide motivational content above all else to build self-esteem in youths and adults alike. This dedication to building readers and authors self-esteem has led this new company to focus on younger authors that have a unique voice with their printed words. Distribution of Inspiration 2 Empower Press releases is available on some of the largest marketplaces such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and independent retailers across the globe.

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Company Name: Inspiration 2 Empower Press
Full Name: Merci L. McKinley
Phone: (301) 969-8550
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