Inscopix partners with Charles River Laboratories to provide neural circuit insights to pharma via contract research

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PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 10, 2017 — As part of Inscopix's pursuit to expand the boundaries of neural circuit research, Inscopix has engaged a key partnership with Brains On-Line, a Charles River Company, to advance the application of neural circuit mapping technology into the pharmaceutical contract research organization (CRO) market.

In August, Charles River announced the acquisition of Brains On-Line, a neuroscience-focused provider of microdialysis and in vivo efficacy and pharmacokinetics testing. Together, Brains On-Line and Charles River are a premier early-stage research and development partner for neuroscience drug discovery. This exciting partnership between Inscopix's transformative miniature microscope technology combined with Charles River's established CRO capabilities enables new insights into drug discovery and translational medicine associated with neurological disease at the level of neural circuits.

Inscopix technology enables direct readouts of brain circuit activity throughout disease progression and therapeutic intervention longitudinally in the same subject.  This has led to significant advances in our understanding of the brain circuit activity underlying complex diseases, such as Parkinson's (PD), and Alzheimer's (AD).  Charles River, together with Inscopix, will now provide objective and quantitative readouts of brain circuit health and dysfunction through circuit based drug screening assays. Together they are committed to advancing novel CNS therapies in early-stage research and drug screening.  

“We are excited to partner with Inscopix to help further advance novel CNS therapies,” said Arash Rassoulpour, PhD, Senior Director of Brains On-Line, a Charles River Company. “Their innovative brain mapping technology, coupled with our depth of scientific expertise, will bring us closer to finding treatments for patients.”

About Inscopix, Inc. 
Inscopix is pioneering a new paradigm in the quest to understand the brain and its diseases. Inscopix has developed the means to relate neural circuit dynamics to corresponding behavior. With its flagship products, nVista and nVoke, Inscopix is today disseminating these capabilities to neuroscientists across the world, empowering them to gather unprecedented data sets and make breakthrough scientific discoveries. With in-house and field-based neuroscience expertise combined with strategic collaborations around the world, Inscopix stands at the brink of making fundamental advances in basic brain research and pharmaceutical development for neurological diseases.

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