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Lewes, DE — 11/16/2017 — mRNA is a rather versatile therapeutic modality and offers a range of advantages. mRNA lacks genomic integration and its use results in transient expression of the encoded protein. This favorable safety profile makes mRNA especially attractive for vaccines and gene editing. mRNA is well defined chemically which ensures reproducible manufacturing at high yield, purity and activity. Improvements of lipid nanoparticle formulations as a vehicle for in vivo systemic delivery of mRNA has greatly favored the development of in vivo transfection strategies.

It is increasingly recognized that oncolytic viruses not only are able to directly lyse cancer cells, but they also “free” tumor specific neoantigens, indirectly acting as a cancer vaccine. The so far modest efficacy of oncolytic viruses still can be improved when combined with immune checkpoint inhibitors. This lead to an increased partnering interest of the major immuno-oncology (I-O) players, but also of investors who view oncolytic viruses as a must be for I-O combination regimens. Optimization of oncolytic viruses is ongoing and new constructs intend to solve some of the open problems regarding the way of administration (intratumoral vs systemic), higher cancer cell specific replication capacity, and longer persistence in vivo.

Spanning over “Report Package: Immunotherapy with Oncolytic Viruses and mRNA Vaccines & Therapeutics” report covers Executive Summary, Introduction & Overview, Profiles of mRNA-based Vaccines & Therapeutics, Pipeline Analysis, Profiles of Selected mRNA & Delivery Technologies, Technology Analysis, Company Profiles, Stakeholder Analysis, mRNA Manufacturing, Financial Perspective on mRNA, Outlook, References.

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