If Santa was in a Fatal Crash on Christmas Eve, there is a 60% Chance of No Test for DUI. Testing for DUI is Incomplete and Declining. 30,969 of 51,914 Fatal Crash Drivers Not Tested in 2016

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    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 17, 2017 — 76% of Not Fatal Drivers had no usable test for DUI, and 57% of Male and Night fatal crash drivers were NOT tested for DUI. This is important since Male and Night drivers are more likely to be DUI. The 2016 known percentage of DUI for Male & Night drivers tested was 40% compared to the NHTSA estimate of fatal crash drivers DUI at 28%.

For full report: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AjjZm2xHCfr4gfhKOaucQPZYlWFFRQ

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Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson

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