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Portland, OR — 12/26/2017 — Hyperloop is a conceptual high-speed transportation system, the route of which was initially proposed from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This technology would propel a pod-like vehicle through a reduced-pressure tube that could potentially exceed airliner speeds. The average travelling speed is expected to be 598 mph with a top speed of 760 mph. The hyperloop technology sends pods or capsules with passengers or freight through vacuum tubes in the pipelines laid out between Los Angeles to San Francisco. Turntables at the end of every tube turn the capsule to send them back when they reach the dead end. Air bearings on the inner surface of the tubes produce very less friction. An electric compressor fan transfers high-pressure from the front to the rear end of the vessel. The tubes could also go above ground on columns or underground, eliminating the dangers of grade crossings.

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The conventional means of transportation (road, water, air, and rail) are usually a combination of expensive, slow, and environmentally harmful factors. Road travel is particularly problematic owing to emission of hazardous air pollutants and fluctuation of oil prices. As the environmental impact of energy consumption continues to worsen, mass transit is anticipated to be crucial in the years to come. The growth of the hyperloop technology market is majorly driven by less clean energy nature and safer infrastructure of the hyperloop. Moreover, features such as less land area requirement and technology that is not vulnerable to earthquakes and other natural calamities boost the growth of the market. However, the possibility of technical glitches and shortage of power are the considerable restraints of the market.

The Hyperloop technology market is segmented based on type, component, transportation, industry vertical, and geography. On the basis of type, the market is bifurcated into railways and roadways. Based on component, it is classified into capsule, route, propulsion, and tube. According to industry vertical, it is divided into aerospace and transportation. Geographically, it is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. Key players operating on the market include Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Hyperloop One, TransPod Inc., DGWHyperloop, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, AECOM, Tesla, Hyperloop India, UW Hyperloop, and VicHyper Pty Ltd.

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Hyperloop Technology Market Key Segmentation:

By Type
– Railways
– Roadways

By Component
– Capsule
– Route
– Propulsion
– Tube

By Industry Vertical
– Aerospace
– Transportation

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