Hydropothecary Signals Support for Quebec’s Bill 157

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GATINEAU, QC–(Marketwired – November 16, 2017) – The Hydropothecary Corporation (“Hydropothecary”) (TSX VENTURE: THCX) signals its support for Québec's Bill 157, governing the sale and distribution of adult use recreational cannabis.

“With the introduction of Bill 157, governing the sale and distribution of cannabis for the adult recreational market, Quebec has taken its most significant step to date on the path to recreational cannabis. We look forward to working with the government on the development of legislation which protects the health and safety of Quebecers and works towards the elimination of the black market” said Sébastien St-Louis, CEO and co-founder of Hydropothecary.

''Hydropothecary already produces and distributes medical marijuana to thousands of Canadians across the country. As the only licensed producer of medical marijuana headquartered in Quebec, and the creator of more than 100 local jobs, Hydropothecary is keenly aware of its responsibility to Quebecers. As the legislative process unfolds, we welcome the opportunity to make positive contributions to this emerging industry in Quebec.”

“We have undertaken an analysis of the legislation introduced today by Minister Charlebois. Our initial review has identified positives in the legislation, such as the protection of public health and safety, online sales, and retail pilot projects. These measures will make it possible to offer access to quality-controlled legal cannabis products at competitive prices.”

“As Quebec moves forward with the legislation, Hydropothecary's participation will remain focused on protecting the public health and safety of Quebecers; outlining the traceability of our products from seed to sale; the design of the proposed retail environment; and, the development of Quebec's ability to become self-sufficient with regards to the production of cannabis. When it comes to these matters, we hope that our experience and our roadmap can help the government develop a responsible, well-regulated and innovative approach to cannabis in Quebec,” concluded Mr. St-Louis.

About Hydropothecary Corporation (THCX)

The Hydropothecary Corporation is an authorized licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis licensed by Health Canada under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (Canada). Hydropothecary provides sun grown and rigorously tested medical cannabis of uncompromising quality. Hydropothecary's branding, cannabis product offering, patient service standards and product pricing are consistent with THCX's positioning as a premium brand for a legal source for medical cannabis within this new marketplace. In addition to medical cannabis production and sales, Hydropothecary explores various research and development opportunities for cannabinoid extracts, drugs and combinatory chemistry. In addition, the company is investigating the development and patenting of novel technologies related to medical cannabis, as well as the import and export of medical cannabis.

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