Houston, Texas Singer, Songwriter and Philanthropist Terrance Bell Releases Love In My Heart; Contagious Lyrics Put Things In Perspective and Speaks To World Chaos

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HOUSTON, TX – 11-09-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

With so much chaos, calamity, abandonment, lack of love, death, destruction and more, in the world today, singer, songwriter, philanthropist Terrance Bell releases his new single “Love In My Heart” in hopes that it catapults a snowball effect in healing the world.

Love In My Heart is also a personal testimony for Terrance. “From growing up without parental love, support and guidance, in various activities I was involved in as a child, I felt alone in particular when participating in sports activities while watching my teammates be actively involved with their parents,” explains Bell. 

At a young age, Terrance lost his dad in a boating accident and he resented his mom due to her absence in his life.

“This feeling continued throughout my college years and I realized that the resentment had a negative impact in some of my other relationships, explains Bell. “Eventually I began to forgive those who should have been forgiven all along.” 

In addition to Terrance’s testimony igniting this song, “Love In My Heart” speaks to chaos, calamity, abandonment, lack of love, death, destruction and so much more in the world today.

The lyrics of the song, specifically in verse two, put it all in perspective:

Now as I look out in the jungle of life/I’m reminded that all aren’t the same/Folks are mean, cruel, bad and sad/It makes me feel so ashamed. All this fighting and fussing becomes so disgusting/But one thing still remains/That with the love of God/Down in our heart/Will restore joy across the land. 

“My prayer to God then and now, no matter what situations I may face in life is to put love in my heart.  “I hope the song’s lyrics become so contagious that it catches on throughout the world,” says Bell.  He adds, “We should all live for honor, peace, and happiness.  Loving these things will make our true purpose for living worth it all.”

Love In My Heart speaks to the entire human race and is available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-in-my-heart-single/id1268769970.Keep up with Terrance at www.terrancebell.com

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