Horizon Display’s New Guide Lets Readers Choose Their Own Adventure

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SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Nov. 13, 2017 — Horizon Display, an industry leader of interactive touchscreen technology, announced today it is publishing an entertaining resource to help creative professionals add touchscreen technology into their marketing and advertising efforts. The guide, Choose Your Own Adventure: Launching a Successful Touchscreen Campaign, is available for free download at http://info.horizondisplay.com/choose-your-own-adventure-launching-a-successful-touchscreen-campaign.

Marketers agree that interactive content is far more effective than static content, especially when differentiating a brand or product and driving consumers toward the point of purchase. However, businesses wishing to create an interactive experience might not know which solution is right for them. Horizon's new resource—in the format of a decision-making adventure similar to books that kids have enjoyed for decades—helps users determine which touchscreen options best suit their needs. Readers journeying through the guide will answer these questions:

  • What type of user experience should be conveyed?
  • What are the end goals of the touchscreen campaign?
  • Where will the touchscreen experience be displayed?
  • What kinds of information will be shared?

“From a marketing and advertising perspective, touchscreens educate customers, increase engagement, simplify interactions, and take sales to the next level,” says Matthew Cutone, Founder and President/CEO of Horizon Display. “For creative professionals unsure of how to incorporate touchscreens into their campaigns, our guide provides a fun, informative way to learn more about this powerful strategy.”

For more information about this guide or the services that Horizon Display offers, visit the company's website at www.horizondisplay.com.

About Horizon Display
Horizon Display believes that interactive technology is more than just a fad: It's at the precipice of a revolution in marketing, retail, and business on a global level. Horizon delivers extraordinary customer experiences and business results through interactive solutions. Our touch applications and interactive surfaces are designed for growing startups and national brands to improve their competitive advantage. We impress customers with an unexpected level of response, and we bring insight that helps them achieve their objectives. For more information, visit www.horizondisplay.com.

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Horizon Display

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