Holistic Chamber of Commerce brings “Info Expo” to Orchard Park

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    BUFFALO, NY, November 18, 2017 — What is Holistic? We hear the word all the time. Everyone uses it. But what does it mean? On Sunday, November 19th, 1-5pm, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is holding a free “Info Expo” at the Orchard Park Library, 4570 S Buffalo Street. Meet and greet with a dozen of your local holistic practitioners and listen in as they share their stories with you.

“If you think 'holistic' is all about the woo-woo, think again. Holistic practitioners are financial advisors, lawyers, webmasters, energy workers, therapists, life coaches, acupuncturists, and so much more. The list keeps on going and growing,” said Paula D'Amico, President of the Downtown Buffalo Chapter.

Sunday is the second in a series of expos across Western New York where the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (“HCC”) is connecting with the community by delivering knowledge about a growing trend that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

“Our goal goes beyond hope and healing,” Paula adds. “Knowledge is power. We want people to truly understanding what the holistic community is all about.”

The HCC serves as a bridge bringing consumers together with holistic and eco-friendly options. The HCC is an international organization, with thousands of members, that span the United States and reaches up into Canada.

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Sarah Thompson

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