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Fort Lauderdale, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 11/17/2017 –For those who own a healthcare business or medical practice and intend to sell it or it is the other way round, they can get in touch with for an easy solution. They are a team of experienced and trusted healthcare advisors who will make the buying or selling process easier. Not only that, any business transaction related to any field needs to be done following some perfect lines. If one does not want to run a loss in the deal, then it is better to get some advice. The business advisors with is headed by Tom Jones who is one of the top brokers in the healthcare businesses in the country. Irrespective of being a buyer or a seller, Tom Jones and the others will provide the much needed expert guidance every step of the way.

Trusting for medical office sales is one of the best decisions that one can take. Those who are not into the buying or selling field will not be aware of the undercurrents or things that need to be watched out for. Tom Jones understands the same, and that is buyers and sellers find Tom around them for guidance. The level of expertise Tom has is priceless, and he has nearly 500 sales to his credit and a solid track record of success. Tom and his team have a direct line of communication with countless decision-makers, both buyers, and sellers within the healthcare industry, an invaluable resource that comes handy.

The association with itself carries credibility which works in the favor of buyers and sellers. The affiliation with Transworld Business Advisors works in favor of those interested in doctor practice sales and resonates loudly within the business brokerage world.

Speak to an expert today at 754-224-3111.

About is a team of experienced and trusted health care business advisors with decades of successful transactions. Tom Jones is one of the top brokers of healthcare businesses in the country. Whether one is a buyer or a seller, they can and will provide buyers and sellers with expert guidance every step of the way.

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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett

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