Health Industry Innovation Alliance Members Sign Memorandum Of Understanding On Improving Pharmaceutical Ecosystem

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DA NANG, Vietnam, Nov. 12, 2017 — The Health Industry Innovation Alliance (HIIA), a consortium of leading Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, venture capital partners and e-commerce companies, announced that its members signed a memorandum of understanding to improve the pharmaceutical ecosystem domestically and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

On the sidelines of the APEC CEO Summit Viet Nam 2017, executives of HIIA member companies expressed their commitment to partnering together to provide personalized, affordable and accessible healthcare to people by building a more efficient supply chain of healthcare products and services. 

“By fostering partnership, mutual trust, inclusiveness and shared success between players across the healthcare spectrum, we are building a better healthcare model that makes people healthier and happier,” said Ms. Yao Xiaofei, Chairwoman and CEO, Beijing Rogrand E-commerce Co., Ltd and co-founder of HIIA.  “The private sector has a strong opportunity, and a responsibility, to help guide us towards a better healthcare future – and we are proud to take on the challenge together.”

Executives who joined Ms. Yao in signing the memorandum included:

  • Mr. Chen Changqing, President, Beijing Rogrand E-commerce Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Ma Zhanjun, Chairman of the Board, Sinopharm Group Hubei Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Wang Yongcheng, CEO, Beijing Medi'care Ltd
  • Mr. Xiao Weihong, CEO, Shenyang Sunshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Zhang Chunbo, Vice President, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Medicine Group Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Zeng Zhiqiang, Managing Partner, HG Captital Fund Management Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Huang Bin, Chairman of the Board, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (China) Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Wu Feng, Head of Commercial & Diversified Business Group, Pfizer Investment Co., Ltd (China)
  • Mr. Hong Yinchun, Business District Manager, Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd

The memorandum was signed as HIIA members prepare for the second APEC China Health Industry Forum, to be held in Beijing in December 2017.  HIIA was founded following the first APEC China Health Industry Forum in 2016.

The Forum is the private sector's response to APEC Leaders' “Health Asia-Pacific 2020” initiative.  In 2014, APEC Leaders launched the initiative to reaffirm their commitment to recognizing health as a critical component of economic and trade development and a driver of regional economic growth.

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