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Bricktoon V3 Portable 4.0 Bluetooth IPX6 Waterproof 10W FM Stereo Speaker

ORLANDO, FL – 12-21-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Goldsig Innovations has announced their new and improved Bricktoon V3 Portable 4.0 Bluetooth IPX6 Waterproof 10W FM Stereo. This unique speaker has multiple must-have features built into one device. 

Bricktoon V3 offers multiple ways of sound input and is designed in such a way that it can withstand the harsh outdoor environment with considerable ease — and best of all, unlike most other speakers that might be water resistant at most, this one is waterproof! In addition, V3 can be paired with Amazon’s Alexa, has FM Stereo, Micro SD card reader and echo cancelling hands-free speakerphone with mic to answer calls. No wifi, no problem – you can play tunes from your own customized music library or listen to live broadcast as you don’t need to depend on a Bluetooth enabled device to pair it to.

Designed and engineered with durability to withstand the rugged outdoors
the V3 was created with a special three phase layered structure that makes it shockproof and drop resistance. Furthermore, a waterproof level of IPX6 was implemented through a sophisticated process which is a high-grade sealing silicon sheet that fully surrounds the edges and gives the V3 the ability to survive water submerges like accidental pool drops and withstands extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow or even sandstorms. 

Amazon reviews have been phenomenal with the number of orders increasing by the day.Customers are simply amazed at the superb sound quality this little box produces: “Waterproof + Bluetooth +FM = Must Have”, “Has great sound quality the music was so clear and loud”, “Love the fact that it’s water proof so I can bring it by the pool”, “Such a great speaker, compact but it really has great sound”, “Would make an awesome gift purchase, I give this 5 stars.” 

The remarkable “Bricktoon V3 Bluetooth speaker with 12 hours of play back with amazing power, durability, reliability and multi-function is literally blowing their competitors out of the water.
Making multifunctional convenient products for the outdoors enthusiast to make your recreational life more enjoyable and easier has always been the primary goal of Goldsig Innovations says Charles Rodriguez, founder of Goldsig Innovations.

The Bricktoon V3 speaker is now in stock on Amazon for a fraction of the value price after an incredible 65% promotional discount and free shipping with prime.

Company Name:Goldsig Innovations

Contact Person:Charles Rodriguez




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Company Name: Goldsig Innovations
Full Name: Charles Rodriguez
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