Get My Auto Outlines the Benefits of Craigslist for Independent Dealerships

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Get My Auto outlines a few of the primary advantages of independent auto dealerships using Craigslist

Press Release updated: Dec 18, 2017 06:00 PST

IRVINE, Calif., December 18, 2017 – In the era of Snapchat Stories, PPC advertising and targeted Facebook campaigns, Craigslist might seem like an out-of-date approach to digital marketing. According to Get My Auto, however, it’s actually an invaluable platform for independent auto dealerships to implement. Get My Auto has released a new statement to the press explaining the myriad benefits of Craigslist for independent auto dealers.

“The main benefit of posting your inventory on Craigslist is that it sends traffic to your website,” says Get My Auto, a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with independent auto dealers. “In fact, our internal research finds that Craigslist gets more shoppers and generates more traffic than and Autotrader combined.”

It’s not merely that Craigslist generates traffic, it’s also that it generates interested buyers, ready to purchase vehicles sooner rather than later. “According to studies, Craigslist shoppers close 13 days sooner than other shoppers,” Get My Auto asserts. “And the close rate is 12 percent!”

Craigslist lends itself to advanced strategy too. “When you take the time to optimize your listings, it’s possible to gain maximum visibility, effectively outflanking your competition,” says Get My Auto. “In other words, dealerships that take the time to get Craigslist right will get even better results.”

And doing so can be surprisingly easy, especially with the right support. “Get My Auto offers a Craigslist Wizard app that eliminates a lot of the guesswork and makes it much simpler for you to position your listings for maximum success,” the company states. “You can download the app and get started right now.”

Ultimately, Get My Auto says no independent car dealership should neglect Craigslist. “It’s truly an essential tool in the marketing toolbox,” the company concludes. “Aside from Facebook, there’s no digital channel we recommend more highly.”

Get My Auto provides marketing services to independent auto dealerships throughout Southern California. Craigslist marketing is one of the primary services it provides, along with expertise in Web development, Facebook Ads and beyond. The company strives to help dealerships get more sales as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

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Based in Orange County, California, Get My Auto is in the business of connecting consumers with their next new or used car and of helping dealerships thrive in an increasingly competitive market. At Get My Auto, buyers can learn more about the local dealerships that are best suited to meet their needs and also get advice that helps them navigate the buying journey. Dealers, meanwhile, come to Get My Auto for their rich experience in Craigslist, Facebook marketing, custom software and more. To learn more about Get My Auto, call (949) 506-5868 today.

Source: Get My Auto

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