German Non-Profit Announces Official US Partnership in its Fight Against Intolerance – Fundraising for human rights through a new tack: HUMOR

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MEMPHIS, TN – 11-08-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

U.S-based non-profit, HateXchange, and German non-profit #HassHilft (“Donate the Hate”) are excited to announce their official partnership in an effort to fight online hate speech and public demonstrations organized by White Supremacists, Nazis and other hate-based extreme right groups.

HateXchange is re-writing the rules to counter-protest hate, bigotry and xenophobia in a humorous, creative and peaceful way. collects online donations and gives – or unlocks, a certain amount to our partner charities in direct response to hate-speech made online on public platforms, or per attendant participating in extreme-right gatherings. Those donated (unlocked) funds, also called “involuntary donations”, go to organizations working to support communities and groups targeted by acts of hate. Thus, individuals posting hate speech and hate based organizations end up raising money against their own cause each time they act out, so they face the dilemma: stop spreading hate or help fund organizations that counter xenophobic ideology.
HateXchange will donate funds in two ways:

  • 1. Social media – HateXchange will counter-post on public hate comments online and unlock a $1 donation per post.
  • 2. Public Events – HateXchange will counter-protest events hosted by extreme-right groups. HateXchange will make a donation for every extremist participating in or attending events supporting extremist movements.

These donations will go to Life After Hate, Human Rights Watch, Southern Poverty Law Center and local charities working to increase tolerance and respect. HateXchage is hosting its first anti-hate campaign this Friday, November 10 in Charleston, SC.
“We are taking the power from the extremist movements, online and on the streets, and putting these efforts to work for good: raising money to help civil and human rights groups dedicated to counter-acting right-wing extremism”, says spokesperson T.M. Garret.
ABOUT HateXchange

HateXchange is an initiative driven by dedicated volunteers and is represented by C.H.A.N.G.E., a non-profit campaigning against racism and violence through community outreach, education, and food drives. HateXchange is the official counterpart of the successful initiatives “Rechts gegen Rechts” (“Nazis against Nazis”) and “#HassHilft” (Donate the Hate), driven by the German based organizations ZDK Gesellschaft Demokratische Kultur gGmbH and EXIT Deutschland. The donations HateXchange collects go to our charity partner Exit USA, to assist those who are leaving the right extremism scene, Human Rights Watch, to support US immigration issues and human rights world-wide, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, to promote civil rights, while a small fraction goes to HateXchange so we can keep up and running.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: hateXchange
Full Name: TM Garret
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.hatexchange,org

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