Gaoyao Jinli Yongxin Hardware Factory Offers High Quality Engineering Hardware Products With Modern Taste And Latest Technology

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Gaoyao Jinli Yongxin Hardware Factory is a China based company that focuses on the manufacture and supply of high taste engineering hardware products. It develops products that are of modern taste and latest technology. It caters to the demands of its clients spread across the world.

Change and transformation are supposed to be the harbingers of progress and development. This is why people thrive to keep up with the changing times and the dynamics of the present world. The market has evolved with regard to the forces of demand and supply. The rapidly increasing consumer base has diversified the demands of the public belonging to different sectors. The demands for goods and services have become more specialized and there is emphasis on details. Even the most trivial items of everyday use have a huge variety that a consumer can choose from. However, there is an overarching need for efficiency in all the products.

Gaoyao Jinli Yongxin Hardware Factory is a company that is involved in the manufacture and supply of a wide variety of high taste engineering hardware such as ground spring, glass hanging wheel, hardware accessories and other products. The company also produces a wide range of Floor spring. The product can adapt to the door size of 1000*2200 mm and can bear the weight of the door ranging from 60 – 105 kg. The main mining system is of cast iron and uses drawing surface treatment. The door opens 90-116 degree and has a physical dimension of 302*153*63 mm. This product can adapt to doors made of various materials such as steel, 8-12 mm tempered glass, wood, etc.

The company also manufactures Semi-automatic door guide. It is a unique automatic sliding door with doors in the guide rail. One side of the door has a catheter with tube top and pulley. It works efficiently making minimum noise and can push or pull heavy loads much faster. They are suitable for glass, stainless steel or wooden doors. They may be of single or double wheel as per the requirement of the client. The product is available in varying capacities and can be chosen with regard to the area of work that it is going to be used for.

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Gaoyao Jinli Yongxin Hardware Factory also offers Glass door clip to its customers. The product goes through custom processing in keeping with the demands of its clients. Its specifications are 19*105*45*30. Aluminum is used as the core material for this product while the shell material is made of stainless steel. It can adapt to 10-12 mm of tempered glass door. It has high strength alloy die-casting inner core with decorative shell imported stainless steel plate. The company is committed to provide good quality products to its customers at affordable prices, that’s why the company is constantly investing in research and development programs to improve the quality of their products    

About Gaoyao Jinli Yongxin Hardware Factory:

Gaoyao Jinli Yongxin Hardware Factory is a company based in China that manufactures and supplies high taste engineering hardware to customers around the world. To know more please visit their official website.   

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Company Name: Gaoyao Jinli Yongxin Hardware Factory
Contact Person: Mr Huang
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +86 758-8591632/13827532111
Country: China

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