Four Reasons Surgery Needs Virtual Reality

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ROCKVILLE, Md., Nov. 16, 2017 — Despite advantages over traditional surgical methods, advanced surgery procedures present limitations, and these could be overcome by the use of refined virtual reality systems. So says a new report from Kalorama Information. The report, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Market in Healthcare (U.S. Markets for Surgery; Medical Education and Training; Pain Management, Rehabilitation and Therapy), predicts that virtual reality technologies in healthcare could near a $1 billion dollar market in the next few years.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) principles and technologies have already been introduced into surgical navigation, RAS, and radiotherapy systems. Most common is the utilization of pre- and intra-operative medical imaging to construct simulations or models of patient anatomy, whether for the navigation of surgical instruments, intra-operative segmentation, labeling of key anatomical structures, or targeted delivery of radiation. Augmented reality and virtual reality are uncommon in the lexicon of lexicon of navigation, RAS and radiotherapy platform vendors that have yet to incorporate VR/AR headsets or fully immersive qualities to their systems. Nevertheless, many surgical platforms are already incorporating capabilities analogous to VR and AR technology and are moving closer to AR image injection and more interactive and immersive virtual models.

Kalorama Information's report covers several segments of virtual reality and augmented reality systems in several segments: pain management, surgery, rehabilitation and education.  The report discusses trends and profiles companies in the market.  As with all Kalorama Information reports, the report is part of Kalorama Information's KNOWLEDGE CENTER, which offers customers the report library for a set price. 

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