FITLIFE Offers Customized Nutritional Counseling

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Ivyland, PA — 11/08/2017 — Those searching for a place to train that goes above and beyond, offering more than personal training classes in Warminster, and the rest of Bucks County are encouraged to check out FITLIFE for their nutrition counseling. Proper nutrition is a vital element when it comes to trying to meet health and fitness goals. There's never a bad time to eat healthier so why not start now by learning from the experts at FITLIFE.

This company's weight loss consultations can include an individual initial consultation with a food log, meal plans, an individual one-hour session, an individual half-hour follow-up or a group customized nutrition workshop.

They also offer day by day and meal by meal food plans with recipes and everything one needs to stay on track. With so many options and misleading labels, it can be overwhelming trying to decipher which foods are actually healthy. Most people don't know what to look for when picking fruits and vegetables as well.

FITLIFE will help their clients purchase the correct, healthy choices efficiently. Whether a client is eating for weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance or just a healthier lifestyle, their nutritional coaches are more than capable of choosing the right foods for the job.

With FITLIFE's nutrition counseling, a certified expert will help complete a nutrition makeover, ridding clients of junk food and finding healthier options. For those with busy schedules, FITLIFE also virtual consults by way of phone, Facetime, Skype and any other app that allows the client to communicate from the comfort of their home.

Those interested in nutritional counseling or personal training in Richboro or anywhere else in Bucks County are encouraged to visit FITLIFE. To make an appointment with one of FITLIFE's nutritional coaches, visit their website or call 215-716-1298 today.

Located in Ivyland, PA, FITLIFE provides award-winning training programs that improve the quality of many individuals' lives. By committing time and energy to improving overall health and athletic ability, individuals involved with FITLIFE will overcome any challenges or obstacles that may be faced in life. Over the years, FITLIFE has worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life, no matter how experienced or how new they are to the world of fitness. FITLIFE uses a training method that is based upon lifestyle enhancement or the belief that whatever you do in your life, a trainer or coach can help you do it better.

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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett

Brad grew up in a small town in northern Iowa. He studied chemistry in college, graduated, and married his wife one month later. They were then blessed with two baby boys within the first four years of marriage. Having babies gave their family a desire to return to the old paths – to nourish their family with traditional, homegrown foods; rid their home of toxic chemicals and petroleum products; and give their boys a chance to know a simple, sustainable way of life. They are currently building a homestead from scratch on two little acres in central Texas. There’s a lot to be done to become somewhat self-sufficient, but they are debt-free and get to spend their days living this simple, good life together with their five young children.
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