Financial Education Benefits Center Delivers Peace of Mind to Holiday Travelers

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SAN RAMON, Calif., Nov. 16, 2017 — Holidays are the time to visit family and friends, eat great meals, and give or receive gifts. What's not to love? Unfortunately, the holidays mean travel for so many Americans. Traveling can be stressful no matter the time of year, but often the wintry weather that accompanies the holidays can add further complications. What if the car breaks down or someone gets hurt away from home? The Financial Education Benefits Center is rolling out member benefits to reduce some of the stress associated with traveling. Specifically, FEBC offers a roadside assistance benefit and will soon offer global travel assistance.

Besides the common worries about making a flight, avoiding traffic, or keeping the kids entertained on the way, accidents can happen that can severely hinder travel plans.

“Traveling can mean broken down cars in inclement weather or an accident that involves a trip to a hospital,” said Jennifer Martinez, Manager at FEBC. “That can be so stressful when it derails holiday plans. At FEBC, we believe in preparation and having access to the right resources.”

Whether at a friend's house in the next state over or visiting some distant relatives in another country, accidents happen unexpectedly. Allergies can be triggered by unfamiliar foods; unfamiliar terrain can trip the most sure-footed; or a region-specific illness could unexpectedly invite itself to the festivities. It's best to be prepared with the FEBC protection benefit global travel assistance. Accidents may require emergency evacuation, treatment monitoring, and payment coordination. FEBC's global travel assistance benefit will offer all that and more.

In comparison to traveling by air, traveling by car seems more straightforward; that is, once the kids are settled and the route is worked out. In a worst-case scenario, cars can stop running for many reasons. Sometimes the car just needs some quick maintenance, like filling fluids or replacing a tire, and other times the car needs towing for more serious repairs. FEBC's roadside assistance benefit can help with car troubles anytime of the year.

“We try to give our members the ability to focus on the best part of traveling, not all the things that can go wrong,” said Martinez. “By offering these protection benefits, we set members up so they don't have to worry about what-ifs when they're away from home. They can just make great memories.”

About the Financial Education Benefits Center

The Financial Education Benefits Center is located in San Ramon, California. The Company has already helped thousands of people save money and obtain the necessary education required to live a financially free life.

The Financial Education Benefits Center has partnered with several name brand third-party companies to expand the financial and educational products and services available to its members and to provide a variety of wellness services as well.

To learn more about the Financial Education Benefits Center, please contact:

Financial Education Benefits Center
2010 Crow Canyon Place Ste. 100
San Ramon, CA 94583
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