Fighting at 50 – Bruce Bellocchi’s Comeback

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Former professional boxer and undefeated MMA fighter, Bruce Bellocchi returns to the cage after a six year absence in which he experienced several life changing set backs. It's a show about pain, love and ultimate redemption

Los Angeles, CA, November 10, 2017 — Former professional boxer and undefeated mixed martial arts fighter, Bruce Bellocchi will star in a new reality show called, “Fighting at 50.” The show will follow Bellocchi on the comeback trail after a 6 year absence from the cage.

Since Bellocchi was last seen in a professional fight he has suffered several life altering set backs which included a 28 month prison sentence, the loss of his father and several other personal tragedy's. The shows producers call his journey, “captivating” and have said “Fighting At 50” is a show much more about human drama then it is about fighting. “The world is going to see a guy who has been to the depths of hell and is now fighting his way back. The show has a very strong message.”

“Guy's just don't compete at fifty,” Bellocchi was quoted as saying. “I'm excited to show the world that no matter how far you fall, you can rise again. You just have to stand up and fight.” In Bellocchi's last fight in April of 2011 he weighed a staggering 305 lbs. In his return to the cage he will be fighting as a light heavyweight which puts him at 205 lbs.

The show is slated to begin filming later next year.

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