Export Portal Challenges Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil to Bring More of Their Manufacturers to Export More on ExportPortal.com

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GLENDALE, Calif., Dec. 15, 2017 — Export Portal will next focus on Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil in the coming months.  Ms. Ally Spinu states, “My team is already exploring potential events, government entities, and introductory conversations to continue our successful registration drive to be the most secure e-commerce B2B platform in existence.  We have listened to and learned from the people and officials we have met at other e-commerce events in Mexico and Colombia, and we want to invite more manufacturers, sellers, buyers, and freight forwarders to join ExportPortal.com.”

Export Portal Challenges Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil to Bring More of Their Manufacturers to Export More on ExportPortal.com

After attending ProColombia's first e-commerce events in Bogota and Medellin, Colombia, Export Portal would like to thank Carolina Hincapie, Textiles and Apparel Representative in Medellin, and Isabela Zarzur, Textiles and Apparel Representative in Bogota, for allowing Export Portal to meet the lingerie, shapewear, swimwear, surgical garment companies as well as other clothing manufacturers in Colombia.  We want to especially thank Fájate in Medellin and Diane & Geordi in Bogota for our factory visits. 

Based on our conversations, there is a general mistrust of e-commerce in different parts of the world.  India is currently going through this exact same issue due to fraudulent business practices and undelivered parcels.  Because of this mistrust, Export Portal is purpose-built from the ground up to accommodate first-time international business transactions.  ExportPortal.com does not allow just any business to join.  Our strict adherence to the basic tenets of business will continue to drive interest across South America and around the globe.

Ms. Spinu continues, “We are still looking for interested parties that want to represent Export Portal as a Country Ambassador across Central and South America.  This position requires someone who has their home country at the heart of everything they do and want their trade and exports to increase across every industry.  The split of profits that result from the use of our ecosystem will only be successful because of a few choice individuals.  We look forward to hearing from all interested parties who think they are ready for our country-wide outreach challenge.”

About Export Portal & ExportPortal.com
Export Portal is a fast-moving international ecosystem based on a blockchain technology that seeks to turn small businesses into medium sized companies and medium sized ones into global trading machines.  Our outreach in 2018 will start with India and Vietnam.  To read more about Export Portal and to submit a video for the South American Country Brand Ambassador, please go to our Facebook page to learn more and to upload your bio in English:  https://www.facebook.com/ExportPortal.

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