Ex-Tennis Coach Chadd Sullo Saves a Life by Donating His Kidney to a Father of Three

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Chadd Sullo

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2017 — Chadd Sullo, an ex-tennis coach, donated one his kidneys to a complete stranger in a shocking act of heroism.

The man didn’t know the receiver of his kidney personally, but he heard about his story online on social media, where he posted asking for help.

Chadd Sullo read the Twitter post and was suddenly intrigued by the man behind it. As he read further, he found out that the man was a single father of four and had been suffering from kidney disease for a long while.

His children were depending on him. In the last year, he was dependent on dialysis, and doctors gave him a very unfortunate diagnosis. They told him that unless he gets a kidney transplant, he may die in the next year.

The ex-tennis coach followed his story on social media where he shared what the daily life of a father of four looks like when suffering from kidney disease, showcasing the excruciating amount of pain and extreme fatigue he was dealing with.

But most of all, Sullo was touched by the fact that the man was leaving behind four children who didn’t have mothers or other close relatives that could raise them.

If the father would die, the children would be left alone and moved to an orphanage.

Unfortunately, the waiting lists for kidney donors are very long and few have the chance of receiving a transplant if they don’t get a kidney from someone they know. Few kidney disease sufferers actually live long enough to receive an organ after being put on a waiting list.

The prognosis given by the doctor didn’t look good at all, as they gave him around one year to live when in fact on average a patient waits up to five years until they can actually receive a kidney.

Sullo realized that the tragic destiny of the father of four wasn’t only impacting him but also his children. This is when he decided it's time to lend a hand by contacting him.

After they spoke for a while and contacted doctors to see if they were a good fit, Sullo decided that he would still be in a good health with one kidney and his other kidney will not only save somebody's life but also prevent his four children from living in an orphanage.

The surgery went smoothly and the transplant took only two hours.

After the surgery, the health of Sullo wasn’t impacted negatively, and the father of four could smile again. He no longer suffers from an excruciating pain and he doesn’t need dialysis to survive either.

The quality of his life was impacted dramatically by the transplant, and his life expectancy was now close to the average.

But most of all, the four children were happy to see their father healthy again and capable of doing everyday tasks like a normal, healthy human.

Many were shocked by what Chadd Sullo did, but he admits he never felt happier because now he can really say that he changed a few lives for the better. he never dreamed of helping someone this much.

We rarely hear stories like this in a sea of negative news, but Chadd Sullo doesn’t feel like what he did was extraordinary. Instead, he believes he just helped someone live and see his children grow.

He is confident that the sacrifice was worth it since so many people were positively impacted by it.

The receiver of the kidney, on the other hand, sees things differently and says he could never show enough gratitude to the man who saved his life and helped his children have a father around.

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