Ethica Solutions Launch ‘Face On’ Initiative To Encourage Face-to-Face Safeguarding Education For All

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'Face On' Child Safeguarding Education in Schools

Face-to-face interactive education is important from a child safety perspective as it helps all members of a school community train for a specific scenario.

Schools are at the front end of safeguarding. Face-to-face education is important from a child safety perspective as it helps all members of a school community train for a specific scenario.”

— Dr. Richard John, Director of Training, Ethica Solutions

BASINGSTOKE, HAMPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 15, 2017 — Safeguarding experts at Ethica Solutions have developed a portfolio of whole-school on-site educational workshops for educational establishments to help tackle a range of safeguarding issues including Radicalisation, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Cyberbulling, Internet Offending and Sexting.

These workshops are designed for all stakeholders from Managers and Designated Safeguarding Leads through to students, parents and carers. They form part of Ethica Solutions’ ‘Face On’ campaign that encourages and promotes the value of face-to-face safeguarding education and responds to the requirement of the 2017 Children’s & Social Worker’s Act for schools to provide relationships education.

'Face On' training is built around existing Government guidance and other professional organisations’ best practice advice in meeting all the challenges faced by different stakeholder groups in educational establishments. Tailored learning materials are customised to education and age-appropriate levels to suit the needs of the intended audience. One-to-one support can also be provided. Training packages can be specially designed to help budgets work harder. Options range from cost sharing and discounts for groups.

'Face On' whole-school training days can comprise, or be adapted for, multiple educational requirements in a single day such as a session within a Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum, a themed student seminar for all age groups, a wider Public Protection/Child Safeguarding event for all stakeholders, and be Continued Professional Development (CPD) training for Designated Safeguarding Leads and Managers.

Commenting on Ethica Solutions’ 'Face On' initiative, Director of Training Dr. Richard John said: “Interaction is critically important from a child safety perspective as it helps everyone to train for a specific or sensitive scenario. Face-to-face education allows educators to meet learners where they are, create an environment that encourages accountability and interaction, and effective education and support can be built around a school’s needs.”

“Schools are at the front-end of safeguarding. The education sector made the largest number of referrals to Prevent in 2015/16 ahead of Police and Local Authorities, according to the recently released UK Home Office report, so it is vital for school communities to keep abreast of developments and know how to report concerns and support and keep safe those at risk.”

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