EpiFinder, Inc. Introduces Empowering, Timesaving Patient Portal App

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EpiFinder Patient Portal

Our vision is to revolutionize the care of seizures, epilepsy and neurological conditions through cutting-edge scientific research, integrated with aggregated data and intelligent analytics technology to produce the latest solutions that improve patient outcomes.


EpiFinder, Inc., a business analytics platform to simplify healthcare assessment and management through algorithmic methods, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, announces they are a:

  • Leader in determining the many differences in neurological conditions.
  • Pioneer in assessing epilepsy syndromes and aiding the doctor in determining the most effective course of treatment through advanced and personalized analysis of symptoms.
  • Product provider of easy to access clinical solutions and patient apps on iPhone and Android.

EpiFinder has the potential to improve health outcomes through their new Patient Portal App. It is designed to make the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy easier and faster by solving the problems that lead to the misdiagnosis of the fourth most common neurological disease.

Patients are often stressed speaking with doctors and healthcare professionals due to time constraints to remember important details in a sterile, time-pressured environment. The new Patient Portal App empowers the patient and their loved ones to open the App and record all of the details while it is fresh in their mind. It works by giving them the prompts and the time and space needed to fully tell their story.

The App then takes the information and summarizes it into standard medical terms familiar to healthcare professionals. This strengthens the doctor-patient relationship by encouraging understanding and discussion about the condition for both patients and clinical staff.

When necessary, the EpiFinder’s Patient Portal App allows patients to be more quickly connected to the healthcare professional that will be able to address their specific epilepsy diagnosis and create an effective treatment plan. Healthcare professionals receive a summary of the patient’s epilepsy history and seizure experiences before the patient even arrives for their appointment, saving both time and money.

Ultimately, EpiFinder’s goal is to end misdiagnosis and improve the quality of life faster for those diagnosed with epilepsy through their Patient Portal App. Towards this end, EpiFinder will be available on iOS and Android directly to the patient and the provider’s practice. This integration allows users to access EpiFinder at any time.

“Our vision is to improve patient outcomes by revolutionizing the care of seizures, epilepsy, and neurological conditions with our intelligent analytics technology that translates cutting-edge scientific research into clinical solutions.” – EpiFinder Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Neel Mehta.

EpiFinder has set the initial funding goal at USD 10,000 and is launching the Kickstarter at the 5th Annual Epilepsy Awareness Day, held every year at Disneyland Resort in California with their founding partners Chelsea Hutchison Foundation and Danny Did Foundation.

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