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NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2017 — Emmy is proud to partner with Bespoke Surgical to accompany patients home following their ambulatory procedures.

Bespoke Surgical is a “first of its kind health practice specializing in gay men's sexual health and wellness” according to the website of its founder and CEO, Dr. Evan Goldstein. Dr. Goldstein founded the New York-based practice in 2010 and expanded to Los Angeles in 2016. He also serves as an advocate for the LGBTQIA community and is a supporter of several organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Emmy is a platform that allows those who require temporary assistance a way to maintain their independence and privacy. Since our launch in September, we've partnered with more than 17 healthcare providers in NYC to ensure their patients have a trusted individual to accompany them home after ambulatory procedures. We help our partners cut down on waste from last minute cancellations, reduce patient discharge times, and generate new revenue from patients who would otherwise delay procedures due to lack of accompaniment. Additionally, our built-in platform notification system allows us to serve as a healthcare logistics tool, deploying multiple reminders so a patient never misses a follow-up appointment.

Get Emmy for yourself! Sign up at getemmy.com.

About Emmy: Emmy is a platform that provides trusted individuals to accompany New York City residents door-to-door, simply and safely. All of our Emmys go through multiple rounds of interviews and are required to pass a background check before being permitted on the platform.

Contact: Emmy, [email protected] 

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