Efforts to Quickly Revive Wine Country Tourism Underscore the Fact that California is Still Beautiful and Made for Road Trips, says Van Rental Center

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Sterling Vineyards in Calistoga is one of the many wineries that remain open for wine-loving tourists to enjoy.

There still remains plenty to see and do in both Northern and Southern California; and taking family or friends on the road with the help of a van remains one of the very best ways to do it.


An October 25 article on Travel Agent Central reports on efforts by representatives of the California tourism field to remind the public that, while certain parts of Northern California’s wine country were very badly damaged by the recent historic wildfires, 90 percent of Sonoma County was unaffected by the disaster. Los Angeles based Van Rental Center says that, while people around the country were saddened by the devastation, there still remains plenty to see and do in both Northern and Southern California; and taking family or friends on the road with the help of a van remains one of the very best ways to do it.

Van Rental Center points out that, with summer heat making its annual late retreat in late October, fire season will soon be behind California and it will be time for a season of repair and renewal. The firm adds that everyone can contribute to the recovery not only by giving to charitable organizations, but by taking a great vacation in California and stimulating the state economy. The firm adds that it’s never been a better time to take one’s immediate or extended family on the road in a 7, 8, 11, 12, or 15 passenger van, whether the destination is San Diego to our south, the San Francisco Bay Area to our north and, a bit closer in, Southern California’s own amazing wine country around Santa Barbara and Solvang.

Van Rental Center also notes that, very shortly and with a little luck, ski season will be upon both Southern and Northern California and a van remains one of the best ways to take an enthusiastic group of skiers or snowboarders to Big Bear, Wrightwood, or all the way up to Lake Tahoe at the Nevada border. It also notes that the cooler times of the year can also be the most pleasant times to enjoy California’s beautiful desserts, whether nearby Palm Springs or, for more adventurous travelers, Death Valley.

Van Rental Center says that, with the wildfires fires finally defeated, travel plans that might have been put on hold can now be restarted, whether the idea was for a relaxing vacation with friends or for a business or church retreat. The firm adds that, all too often, Californians tend to assume that enriching travel experiences can only take place in far-flung foreign lands; the truth is that the Golden State is one of the world’s great destinations and there are many places that visitors come from all over the world to see that locals often tend to miss. Van Rental Center suggests that it might finally be time to catch up with tourists from around the world and see what’s right here.

Interested readers can call Van Rental Center at (310) 568-8230. They can also visit the agency’s web site at http://www.VanRentalCenter.com.

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