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Detroit, MI November 09, 2017 – e-Zest; a global IT services company specialized in bringing digital transformation utilizing technologies such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data & analytics, and user experience; has released the Technology Trends report that could disrupt businesses and revolutionize enterprise technology in the next 18-24 months. The research team at e-Zest has identified and put together the key trends that will dominate 2017.

The 2017 report outlines emerging technologies that blend science and applied technologies that offer true potential and suggests how companies must transcend the hype surrounding these technologies and can harness the possibilities of these technologies to shape the future of their business.

It's known to all that AI may soon begin to feel like 'nothing new' with everyone from young to old using Siri and customer service chatbots. On the business side, AI and intelligent things will sharpen the ability to enhance decision making, reinvent business models and ecosystems, and remake the customer experience. The likes of IBM Watson, Salesforce Einstein, SAP Leonardo and other major companies launching embedded AI right into their platforms is a sign of what is in store.

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies will represent more than half of worldwide blockchain global business value-add by 2023. By allowing parties to exchange commerce transactions by being independent of individual applications, blockchain holds many potential applications in sectors like finance, government, supply chain and more. However, many blockchain technologies are latent and largely unregulated and require skills to apply it rightly.

2018 will demand many companies to realize Digital Commerce is imperative in today's business market. Websites that support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue. As voice-based search queries grow as a search type, it will accelerate mobile browser and mobile app-based transactions on many e-commerce sites. The top digital giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook’s investments in AI and machine learning is evident in how quickly visual and voice-search technologies will accelerate in the next few years.

IoT keeps popping up repeatedly everywhere, making its way to the top with billions of ‘Things’ on the internet today. However, it isn't just about the IoT, these three key trends are what makes it IoT irresistible — the analytics, edge computing, and 5G processing are all driven by the IoT at their core.

IDC predicts that up to 40% of all computing will happen at the edge in a couple of years. By 2020, IoT technology will be in almost all electronics for new product designs. IoT-enabled products with smartphone activation will emerge at the beginning of 2019.
AR and VR combined with conversational platforms will emerge giving rise to the battles for smartphone-based AR and MR in 2018 with a spectrum that includes head-mounted displays (HMD) for AR or VR, as well as the smartphone- and tablet-based AR.
Given the omnipresence of mobile devices, Apple’s release of ARkit and iPhone X, Google’s Tango and ARCore, and the availability of cross-platform AR software development kits such as Wikitude, smartphone-based AR and MR will continue to grow exponentially in 2018.

As Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and mixed reality change the way people interact with the digital world, vendors will compete to deliver this as a business model. Mixed reality will emerge as an immersive experience of choice where users interact with digital and real-world objects with a presence in physical worlds. Combine this with conversational platforms, and a fundamental shift in the user experience will emerge to an invisible and immersive experience giving rise to the smartphone-based AR and MR.

A primary differentiator of these platforms will be the robustness of the conversational models and the API and models used to access, invoke and orchestrate third-party services to deliver complex outcomes.

As user attention shifts from individual apps on mobile devices to post-app technologies such as bots and chatbots, the impact will be seen in most areas where there is communication between humans. This will increase employee or customer engagement as they can quickly automate tasks to free up the workforce for more routine work when deployed as chatbots or virtual assistants.
Edge computing in which information processing, content collection, and delivery are placed closer to the sources involves user/things or edge of the networking that favors distributed models. For enterprises, particularly for those with significant IoT elements, a good starting point could be using edge-specific networking capabilities. When implemented together with cloud, edge computing offers a delivery style that allows for executions of disconnected aspects of cloud service.

These technology trends will create a foundation for the next generation of digital business models and ecosystems, driving the significant potential for disruption and digital initiatives through 2025.

About e-Zest:
e-Zest is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2013 and SEI CMMI Level 3 certified global IT services company specialized in bringing digital transformation utilizing technologies such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data & analytics, user experience and digital marketing. Being a customer-focused and technology-driven company, it always helps clients in crafting holistic business value for their software development efforts.

e-Zest is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Oracle Silver Level Partner, Hortonworks Hadoop Partner and Pentaho Registered Partner. It has more than 500 software professionals on board with customers spread across the world. It is consistently delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to its broad range of clients from manufacturing, healthcare, public sector, financial services, retail, e-learning and travel industries since its inception in 2000.


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