Detroit Building Authority joins nearly 200 local agencies on the MITN Purchasing Group

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Detroit Building Authority joins MITN Purchasing Group

It is not only our purchasing department that looks forward to the benefits of using the MITN Purchasing Group, but our valued vendors can now save time and access our open bids and those from other agencies throughout the state.


The Detroit Building Authority announced its joining of the MITN Purchasing Group which connects nearly 200 participating agencies from across Michigan to a large vendor pool for bid distribution and management. BidNet’s MITN Purchasing Group provides notification to registered vendors of new relevant solicitations, any addenda and award information from 182 participating agencies from across Michigan.

The Detroit Building Authority joined the purchasing group in November. In joining, the Detroit Building Authority hopes to utilize the system to streamline their purchasing process. The MITN Purchasing Group is a single, online location for managing sourcing information and activities and provides local Michigan government agencies the tools needed to minimize costs and time delays associated with the procurement process. The Detroit Building Authority was distributing bids and managing their procurement process manually before joining the system. In joining, the Detroit Building Authority looks to save time, reach out to more vendors automatically and achieve cost savings over the traditional paper-based bid process.

The Detroit Building Authority has access to the MITN Purchasing Group vendor pool which will enhance competition without increasing distribution costs. In addition to the existing vendors on the MITN Purchasing Group, all vendors looking to do business with the Detroit Building Authority can register online at The Detroit Building Authority invites all current vendors not already registered on the MITN Purchasing Group to do so today.

Registered vendors can access all open bids, related documents and files, and additional addendum and award information. In addition, the MITN Purchasing Group offers a value-added service to notify vendors of new bids targeted to their industry, and all addenda and advance notification of expiring term contracts. A robust NIGP code category list allows vendors registering to find the correct codes in order to receive matched bid information.

“It is not only our purchasing department that looks forward to the benefits of using the MITN Purchasing Group, but our valued vendors can now save time and access our open bids and those from other agencies throughout the state. We invite all of our current vendors to register on the MITN Purchasing Group or contact BidNet’s vendor support team with any questions,” stated Tyrone Clifton, Director of the Detroit Building Authority.

Vendors may register on the MITN Purchasing Group by visiting BidNet’s vendor support team is available to answer any questions regarding the registration process or the bid system at 800-835-4603 option 2.

Other local Michigan government agencies looking to switch from a manual bid process, please contact the MITN Purchasing Group for a demonstration of the no-cost sourcing solution.

About the Detroit Building Authority:

The City of Detroit Building Authority (the “Authority”) was created by the City of Detroit under the provisions of Act 31, Public Acts of Michigan of 1948. The Authority, a corporation, was created for the purpose of acquiring, furnishing, equipping, owning, improving, enlarging, renovating, new construction, and operating a building, parking lots or structures owned by the City of Detroit.

The DBA is proud to be entrusted with management of the largest demolition program in the country. More than $74 million in demolition contracts have been awarded to Detroit-based and Detroit-headquartered businesses, more than $20 million of which has been awarded to minority-owned businesses. And more federal funding is on the way. The U.S. EPA has recognized the high environmental standards used by the City of Detroit, saying, “Having completed a major overhaul of the demolition process, Detroit’s new demolition practices balance speed, cost and environmental performance.” (September 8, 2014)

The DBA’s Real Estate Division is responsible for the property management of city owned commercial property, which consist of managing and maintaining the property and as directed by the city, the marketing, selling, and leasing of the property. Property management also includes creating and maintaining a database of all city owned commercial property; providing supportive services to the Administration, such as requesting appraisals and surveys of city owned property; collaborating with the Jobs & Economy Team, Detroit Economic Growth Corp., Housing and Revitalization, Planning, and the Law departments and presenting transactions to City Council. The Real Estate Division is also responsible for lease administration, which includes leases of land, buildings, cellular towers and billboards. The DBA manages the leases of city owned property and the leases of property leased by city agencies.

About the MITN Purchasing Group:

The MITN Purchasing Group is a part of BidNet’s regional purchasing groups available at no cost to local government agencies. With years of input from procurement professionals, BidNet specifically developed the bid system to fill the need for a robust bid and supplier management solution for local government agencies. To learn more about the features and modules available to government agencies, please visit

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