Demand Increasing for TraknProtect’s New Hotel Employee Panic Button

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TraknProtect Panic Buttons give hotels a robust solution that addresses ordinance and safety requirements in an affordable package without sacrificing quality or safety


TraknProtect, the only real-time tracking, safety, and analytics software platform for back-of-the-house hotel operations, has announced the TraknProtect Panic Button, a new panic button providing an added layer of security for hotel employees. When activated, the TraknProtect Panic Button provides real-time employee location and information via strategically placed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hubs and is the only system to update the security team even if the employee is moved.

The introduction of TraknProtect Panic Buttons is particularly timely as several U.S. cities have recently passed or are considering passing ordinances that require hotels to provide employees who enter or work in private or remote areas (such as guest rooms and restrooms) with panic buttons to combat potential harassment or danger. With TraknProtect, not only can a hotel employee issue a distress call to hotel security and management, but through the TraknProtect platform, they can send an alert that provides their exact location, even if that employee flees or is forcibly moved to another location on the property.

“The passing of these ordinances to protect hotel employees from harassment makes sense, but has left hotels scrambling for affordable, customizable solutions that provide the greatest level of safety to their employees,” states Parminder Batra, CEO of TraknProtect. “TraknProtect Panic Buttons give hotels a robust solution that addresses ordinance and safety requirements in an affordable package without sacrificing quality or safety.”

The Panic Button system is easy to retrofit into existing hotel infrastructure without the huge costs of rewiring an entire hotel. No new cables or construction are required. The TraknProtect software interface is supported on all mobile devices, laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. And by leveraging BlueTooth and WiFi, TraknProtect Panic Buttons provide the most accurate and immediate alert on the market.

For additional information on TraknProtect Panic Buttons and how they help hotels protect employees and meet the requirements of ordinances such as the recent implementation in Chicago, you can attend a Lunch and Learn on November 16, 2017 hosted by TraknProtect, “Hotel Worker’s Sexual Harassment Ordinance: What You Need to Know to Comply with the New Policy and Panic Button Requirements.” TraknProtect will be joined by Brian Hartstein of Quarles & Brady LLP, who will provide his insight into the ordinance from a legal perspective, as well. To register for this Chicago-area Lunch and Learn, please visit

Or to schedule a learning event and receive a private demo and custom quote for your property, contact [email protected] or visit

Additional information on TraknProtect Panic Buttons can be found at

About TraknProtect:
TraknProtect is the only “Internet of things” (IoT) infrastructure for back-of-the-house operations at hotels. Through its proprietary app, TraknProtect hotel customers have access to real-time locations and data about their inventory, room service trays, and vendor activity on property, all on a single platform. The TraknProtect app also offers panic buttons for staff that provide instant alerts and locations of employees in need of assistance. TraknProtect is enabling hotels to enhance guest satisfaction, increase employee efficiency, and improve employee safety throughout their properties. Hotels can also use TraknProtect data analytics to save significant capital costs by making smarter inventory purchasing decisions and better managing outside vendors. For more information, please visit

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